Synthetic generation

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DEATHSTARS - Synthetic generation
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  • Genre:Industrial Metal, Modern Metal/Rock
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Mehr von DEATHSTARS won't be disappointed and for all for you who don't like Electro Metal, well, prepare yourself because this is a sub-genre that is taking the world by surprise and I can predict that 2004 is going to bring a lot of new bands doing this, just be prepared for the electro storm

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Rising from the ashes of Swordmaster and Dissection, Sweden’s hottest new supergroup, the Deathstars have the extreme music world buzzing about their debut offering, Synthetic Generation! The Deathstars have managed to develop a new kind of bombastic industrial rock / electro metal by taking their extreme underground roots to a level of sophisticated brutality and sonic toxicity. On Synthetic Generation, the band’s lyrics and music takes you through the collapse and decadence of Western culture and confronts the time in which we live and work every day. Produced by the band’s own Nightmare Industries (guitar), Synthetic Generation was brought to life with the help of some of the best in the business. Recorded at the infamous Fredman Studios, the album was recorded by the legendary Anders Friden (In Flames) and brilliantly mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger, Def Leppard). The Deathstars and their highly impressive debut, Synthetic Generation will surely appeal to fans of Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Rammstein. Behold a new wave, a new generation, a new breed of extreme...behold the Deathstars!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Semi-automatic 4:17
2 - Synthetic generation 3:28
3 - New dead nation 3:39
4 - Syndrome 3:10
5 - Modern death 3:57
6 - Little angel 4:11
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