A healthy dose of death

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COLLISION - A healthy dose of death
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  • Genre:Grindcore, Thrash Metal
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Thrash, Hardcore, Grind und Punk - für Fans von u.a. MUNICIPAL WASTE!

Mehr Info:

Collision is an aggressive grindcore band with thrash metal and hardcore ingredients. What you get is a violent straight-in-your-face wall of sound that swings. Combined with two singers, to give it something extra, especially live. Very influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band.
The band was founded by singers Björn and Tammi in 2000. After getting the right line-up together, the band started playing blasting live shows, full of energy and aggression.
After many live shows and one demo ('Miserable, Squashed, Dead') Collision recorded their first full length album called “Romantic Display Of Love”, which was released in 2003 on Bizarre Leprous Production.
In 2005 Bass player Marcel was replaced by ex-Mangled bass player Boris.
At the end of 2005 Collision recorded a new album called 'Roadkiller'. The album is released in June 2006 by Bones Brigade Records and contains 14 songs of grinding thrashcore assault!
With 'Roadkiller' in their pocket Collision did lots of shows and mini tours. In the mean time Collision didn't stop writing new songs. In 2008 Collision teamed up with DrDoom for a split CD/LP on Scrotum Jus Records and Everydayhate Records.
To celebrate their 10 year existence Collision released at the end of 2010 a limited album called 'Decade Of Disgust' with all the out of print and live material we recorded between 2003-2009!
In june 2012 Collision release their third full-length album called 'A Healthy Dose Of Death' on Hammerheart Records.
Collision has done some great gigs with bands like: Gojira, Pungent Stench, Saxon, The Rotted, Lock Up, Agathocles, Inhume, After Forever, Dropdead, Behemoth, Immortal, Municipal Waste, Aborted, Sinister and more. Collision also played on festivals like Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic), Motocultor Festival (France), Fit Of Rage (Czech Republic), Weistock (Holland), Rockweekend (Holland) and more!
(Quelle/Origin: COLLISION website)

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Screamer 1:52
2 - Going nuts with splattered guts 2:36
3 - Fucked up and wasted 1:15
4 - Rock around the chopping block 2:48
5 - Charming chick with a crucifix 2:21
6 - My super sweet stalker 2:22
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