Years in the darkness

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ARKAEA - Years in the darkness
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A dangerous new machine has come to life. Combine one of metal's hungriest young singers, Jon Howard from THREAT SIGNAL, with gold-selling FEAR FACTORY architects, guitarist/bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera, and you get ARKAEA, a new band that¹s volatile, violent and vicious. The band also enlisted THREAT SIGNAL bassist Pat Kavanagh.
Howard describes ARKAEA’s familiar, yet innovative sound: “Chris and Ray have been writing together for many years, so the music does have a lot of FEAR FACTORY elements. However, we’ve been open to trying different things. It basically fuses what I have been doing vocally in THREAT SIGNAL with driving FEAR FACTORY rhythms, along with some of our own experimentation. The idea behind the project is to be heavy, but maintain melody at the same time. We have crazy riffs, but some grooving choruses as well. It’s a great mix.” Tracks like “Break the Silence” will no doubt captivate metal fans everywhere, with hard- hitting guitars and huge arena-ready choruses.
The band’s experimentation also proves extremely refreshing. “Gone Tomorrow” is a slow, brooding song that shows ARKAEA’s range and diversity by combining ethereal melodies and hypnotic vocals. Wolbers continues, “These songs were designed like the FEAR FACTORY songs that Raymond and I always wrote. However, we’ve been able to push the boundaries and go out of that context, while remaining heavy.”
Howard has been a part of the FEAR FACTORY family ever since Wolbers served as producer for THREAT SIGNAL’s debut, Under Reprisal. Given that connection, the chemistry was there the instant the band started jamming. Howard has managed to push himself as a singer with the help of the veteran musicians. “I always try to do new things and experiment with my voice, and this project has been challenging,” says Howard. “It always takes a little time to get comfortable working with new people and a new style of music, but I got over that really fast with Christian and Raymond, and I feel very comfortable where we’re going right now.” That chemistry is instantly undeniable upon first listen, and it is only going to evolve and improve.
In the end, what matters for these musicians is creating metal that will last. Wolbers concludes, “You have to write a lot of songs in life to stumble on those couple that are like ‘Walk.’ Every day, music pours out of us, and we aim to capture it.” (Rick Florino)

Jon Howard: Vocals
Christian Olde Wolbers: Guitars
Raymond Herrera: Drums
Pat Kavanagh: Bass

Aus dem Nuclear Blast-Magazin:

57:56 min
Die Geschichte von FEAR FACTORY wird nach der neuerlichen Reunion von Burton C. Bell und Dino Cazares immer obskurer und es nicht so ganz nachzuvollziehen, wer gerade in der Band ist und wer nicht. Jedenfalls haben die beiden (ehemaligen?) FF-Recken Christian Olde Wolbers und Raymond Herrera in den letzten Jahren der vordergründigen Untätigkeit mit ARKAEA eine neue Band mit den THREAT SIGNAL-Mitgliedern Jon Howard und Pat Kavanagh gegründet, die jetzt das Debütalbum »Years In The Darkness« an den Start bringt. Das Album klingt dabei wirklich so, wie man es erwarten könnte: Eine Mischung aus FEAR FACTORY und THREAT SIGNAL eben. Da verwundert es nicht wirklich, dass rund die Hälfte der Songs für das zukünftige Scheibchen der Angstfabrik gedacht waren. ARKAEA verbinden mit großer Erfahrung souverän die Stärken der beiden Hauptbands und stricken daraus moderne Metalsongs, die sowohl gnadenlose Härte als auch viel Platz für Melodien bieten. Das Riffing ist meist FEAR FACTORY pur, während die Refrains der THREAT SIGNAL'schen Schule entspringen, woran natürlich die markante Stimmung von Jon Howard nicht ganz unschuldig ist. Songs wie 'Black Ocean' oder 'Behind The Shades' sind jedenfalls astreine Hits. Cool!
Tony Lutz

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Locust
2 - Beneath The Shades Of Grey
3 - Years In The Darkness
4 - Gone Tomorrow
5 - Awakening
6 - Black Ocean
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