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Geraldine, the witch

AIMING HIGH - Geraldine, the witch
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal


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AIMING HIGH were located in Munich and active at the same time as BONFIRE, probably the best known Munich heavy band. They played together but the Munich public was more into AOR and Rock although AIMING HIGH had some absolutely convincing killer melodies. Some musicians played in the band MAGENTA before. "Hard Rockin Phoenix" was their only effort and has not the same quality as AIMING HIGH although it’s a sought-after collectors gem today too. AIMING HIGH had the quality for the international market, but the circumstances at their time of existence were really not helpful. Outside Munich there were long ways to travel to other locations with an interested public. The band concentrated on writing great songs, but this was not enough. So the tracks of the one and only AIMING HIGH “Geraldine, The Witch” were good enough to pleasure anyone and are as good to listen to today as in the 80s. Eventually the chapter of AIMING HIGH ended too fast, but the songs exist and will give pleasure now and in the future....many years after the end of another promising band.

Trackliste Dauer
1 - Geraldine, the witch 4:07
2 - Nine lives 4:33
3 - Love in chains 3:08
4 - What a surprise 3:29
5 - Empty eyes 5:05
6 - Give us a chance 3:32
7 - Skol 4:05
8 - Get ready 3:58
9 - Love bite 3:02
10 - Lights on, lights out 3:57
11 - Hard times 3:29