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One step into the uncertain

ADRIAN - One step into the uncertain
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

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Adrian were another of many budding hopefuls during the German explosion of the 80s, performing a traditional brand of power metal that drew on NWOBHM influences and their own countrymen like Accept, but from the sounds of their sole album, which would not even score a record deal during the signing spree of that era, they must have been somewhere amidst the bottom rungs of the latter. That's not to say the album One Step Into the Uncertain is really all that offensive or unforgivably awful in execution, with the possible exception of the so-laughable-it-should-be-iconic cover art, but it's really just sub par on so many levels that its pretty easy to contemplate how it was overlooked in such a grandiose crowd of bands like Running Wild, Rage, Helloween, and the like.

Trackliste Dauer
1 - Reach the sun 6:17
2 - The king is born again 4:33
3 - Love dies in a painful way 4:51
4 - The white death 3:34
5 - Prelude 1:19
6 - Never again 5:30
7 - South Africa 6:56
8 - Dreamer 5:00
9 - Rainbow warrior 8:27