The esoteric order

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PUTERAEON - The esoteric order
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PUTER (lat.) = rotten, decayed, putrid, loose, crumbling, flabby

PUTERAEON was spawned in Alingsås, Sweden 2008 by guitarist & vocalist Jonas Lindblood (TAETRE).

"I started doing some oldschool riffs that took me back to my roots in death metal"

Some songs were posted on the net and there was a big demand for demos. Jonas did all in all 3 demos during the time of 2008-2009. All demos were very well recieved within the underground. The demos got really good reviews and loads of interviews were made. At the same time he had contacted both Anders Malmström (drums; ex-NOMINON, PROPHANITY, IMMEMOREAL) and Daniel Vandija (bass; 13ITCH). And they were pursuaded to join. But all took some time. When the band finally got together and started rehearsing, the contract with Cyclone Empire was allready inked.

Hasse Sörensen who was in the band a short while on guitar was replaced by Rune Foss (EXTEMPT, RECLUSION, AGGRO). Finally now in early 2011, the band is all set and ready to go. "The Esoteric Order" was mixed and mastered by famous Andy LaRocque @ Sonic Train studios, and it is an oldschool Swedish Death Metal album, blasting with rot and phlegm.

"PUTERAEON play death metal the way it was meant to be: fleshy and rotten and heavy as hell!”

And that´s exactly what the guys achieved with their material…old school shit for the old school hordes!!!
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn!

Jonas Lindblood - Vocals, Guitars
Rune Foss - Guitars
Daniel Vandija - Bass
Andres Malmström - Drums

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Storms over devil's reef 4:30
2 - Graverobber 4:36
3 - Coma 2:46
4 - Experience zombiefication 3:21
5 - Whispers of the dead 4:26
6 - Dead once more 4:03
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