Crime against humanity

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NAUSEA - Crime against humanity
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The repress of the legendary 1991 crust / grind album.

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Los Angeles' Nausea, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia, along with their sister band, Terrorizer (which also featured Garcia) helped define the Grindcore genre in the late 1980s. Now Garcia, along with long-time partner in crime Eric Castro (Majesty) have been joined by two new members: Bassist Alejandro CB (Pounder, Chemical Bitches) and guitarist Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex-Exhumed, Phobia, Impaled, Intronaut) to unleash a ferocious new full-length album via Willowtip Records: “Condemned To The System”. The album was recorded by Sean Vahle, (DIS, Phobia, Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut) and mixed/mastered by Alejandro Corredor (Inquisition, Exhumed, Enslaved). The new album will feature a slew of new grinders like “…And We Suffer” and “Hate and Deception”, alongside vintage and unreleased tracks like “Falsely Accused” and “Does God Need Help?”. The band has been very active in the live arena for the past 3 years, performing at the Maryland Death Fest, Power of the Riff Fest, shows alongside Repulsion, Nails, Nasum, and most recently a European Tour that included a headlining spot at Bloodshed Fest in Holland, Hell Inside Fest, and Dresden Metal Fest in Germany. Next year the band is scheduled to play Mexico and Europe again. With their strongest line-up to date and proper label support, Nausea are ready to reclaim the legendary status that is rightfully theirs.


Rehearsal Demo 1987
Terrorizer / Nausea Split 1988
Terrorizer/Nausea/Majesty Split 1989
Mind Dead Dem 1990
Psychological Conflict Single 1991
Crime Against Humanity Full-Length 1991
Tumor Demo 1992
Breed Demo 1992
Control/Absence of War Demo 2002
The Suffering Continues Compilation 2002
Who Would Surrender Demo 2003
No Emperor Split 2005
Images of Abuse Demo 2006
Condemned to the System Full-Length 2014
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