Wolves and witches

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MAGICA - Wolves and witches
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NIGHTWISH-Fans sollten mehr als nur ein Ohr riskieren...

Mehr Info:

Founded in 2002 by guitarist Bodan Costea MAGICA shortly after recorded their debut album “The Scroll Of Stone”. After two months of hard work this concept album was ready to be released. Despite the lack of promotion the album got airplay on several big radio stations and also the print magazines showed huge interest in the band. Voted by readers of the “Heavy Metal Magazine” as “best newcomer of the year 2002” the band did not remain hidden from the international scene. The results were contract offers that also covered the French and South American territories, starting with “Lightseeker”, MAGICA´s second album from 2004. Then “Bittersweet Nightshade” became the band´s first video clip and the year 2006 saw them touring with After Forever and Nightmare. Several concerts with Leaves´ Eyes, Vanden Plas and Apocalyptica followed. A new video clip for the song “All Waters Have The Colour Of Drowning” has been unleashed in May 2007, to announce MAGICA´s third album “Hereafter”, the band´s first worldwide release. Therefore MAGICA signed with AFM Records. “Hereafter” was received very well by press and fans and instantly put the promising band from Constanta, Romania, on the map of the international music scene. In addition Ana was offered to join Axxis as a guest singer for their whole European tour together with Helloween and Gamma Ray. Of course she accepted and got the chance to present herself and gain more interest for MAGICA. Their music appeals to fans of Melodic Metal and Hard Rock but also to lovers of Gothic Rock/Metal. “Wolves & Witches”, their brilliant fourth effort, is no exception. Classical educated singer Ana Mladinovici once again topped all her previous performances and puts her very special stamp on the great new songs, that were all written by guitarist Bogdan. The perfectionist realized his dream of recording an album full of Romanian mythology. So you´ll find stories about werewolves, vampires, witches and fate on this album. Be prepared to get “bewitched”…

Aus der Presse:

Epic/Gothic Metal
50:35 Min.
Vampire, Wölfe und Bombast
Melodramatisches Songwriting, eine Frau hinterm Mikro und ein Plattendeal in der Hinterhand. Mit diesen Zutaten konnten MAGICA äußerst entspannt an die Fertigung ihrer zweiten offiziellen Veröffentlichung herangehen. Geblieben ist die Nähe zu den üblichen Verdächtigen. NIGHTWISH und Co. lassen grüßen! MAGICA versuchen, den Songs eine eigene Dramatik, eine emotionale, packende Persönlichkeit und eine unter die Haut gehende Tiefe einzuhauchen. Professionelles Songwriting ist hier der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Anhängern gepflegt-anspruchsvoller NIGHTWISH-lastiger Klänge sei daher auch »Wolves & Witches« empfohlen. Falsch machen kann man bei einem derart hochwertigen Produkt garantiert nichts.
Thorsten Lork

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Don't wanna kill 4:57
2 - They Stole The Sun 5:00
3 - Hold On Tight 5:39
4 - Hurry Up Ravens 4:48
5 - Maiastra 2:36
6 - Dark Secret 4:19
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