Symphonies of the night

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LEAVES' EYES - Symphonies of the night
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Die limitierte Erstauflage im Digipak kommt inkl. zwei Bonustracks!

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Superb! LEAVES‘ EYES' latest album "Symphonies of the Night" brings the listener into a world of legends! Majestic and sweeping songs, beautiful melodies that will you breathless and a massive amount of catchiness. Clad with a perfect sound – featuring a real orchestra, choir, Uilean pipes, Irish whistle, fiddle and dulcimer – LEAVES’ EYES present a musical firework of the highest level. Hit songs like the title track, "Fading Earth", "Maid of Loraine" or the folk tinged "Galswintha" will take the hearts of their fans by storm. The heart of the album is the bombastic "Hymn to the Lone Sands" that combines all of LEAVES’ EYES' trademarks and brings the journey of the northmen to the orient to a new life. The band’s strength is to create atmospheric moments and majestic melodies, which can be heard in songs "Ophelia", "Angel and the Ghost" or "Nightshade". The two bonus tracks are a special treat! "Eileen’s Ardency" is a sensitive duet featuring Liv Kristine and her sister Carmen Elise Espenæs (MIDNATTSOL), and "One Caress" is a fantastic cover of DEPECHE MODE’s classic song.

Liv Kristine - vocals
Alexander Krull - vocals
Thorsten Bauer - guitars
Sander van der Meer - guitars
Felix Born - drums

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Hell To The Heavens 4:32
2 - Fading Earth 4:33
3 - Maid Of Lorraine 5:13
4 - Galswintha 4:15
5 - Symphony Of The Night 4:59
6 - Saint Cecelia 4:13
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