The deceived

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DICTATED - The deceived
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Brutal Death Metal from the Netherlands feat. Henri Sattler and Michiel van der Plicht (both formerly GOD DETHRONED).

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Razorsharp thrashy Death Metal from Holland!
Once upon a time, the furious female guitar tandem Yessica Otten and Sonja Schuringa stumbled upon Michiel vd Plicht and Henri Sattler during a heavy drinking session. While Henri was hustling to sell the girls one of his custom-made SK Guitars they managed to talk business in creating the new DICTATED album. Forces joined together, the five of them took over the rehearsal rooms and Henri enslaved the others into writing at their utmost. Ten new songs were born with the help of an overload of sweat, beer and coffee.
Humor, some serious questionability of the sane mind and above all, determination and willpower produced the new story of DICTATED and “The Deceived”.

DICTATE will smash your face!!!

York Keijzer: Vocals
Sonja Schuringa: Guitars
Yessica Otten: Guitars
Henri Sattler: (Session)Bass
Michiel vd Plicht: (Session)Drums

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Forced into dismay 0:59
2 - This is to all 3:01
3 - No absolution 4:51
4 - The basher 4:25
5 - No mercy for cowards 3:58
6 - Dispossession 3:13
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