Swinging at the fences

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COWBOY PROSTITUTES - Swinging at the fences
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  • Genre:Punk/Hardcore
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From the very first chords of "Rock'N'Roll Jail" right to the closing highlight of "Mr. Two Timing" you'll get a healthy dose of rock. Luca Isabelle, the mastermind behind the band, screams his lungs out, while the melodic backing-vocals add a nice contrast. Compared to the debut, Swingin' At The Fences has even more attitude and does remind me of Faster Pussycat at some stages. Too much attitude went into the cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic "Travelling Band" though, which doesn't really nail it. But the Cowboy Prostitutes don't really need to cover songs anyway, as long as they write songs like the brilliant "Crime City", the Hellacopters-inspired "Down The Drain" or the already mentioned "Mr. Two Timing". To calm things down there's also a ballad on here called "Roseline", which is quite a grower.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Rock'n'roll Jail
2 - Dancing On Your Grave
3 - Pirate Town
4 - Crime City
5 - Down The Drain
6 - Just As Long
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