Alive 2

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ANTHRAX - Alive 2
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Mehr von ANTHRAX

Ein Konzertmitschnitt als DVD und CD, der Thrash-Nostalgiker in die Frühzeit der Band zurückführt!

Mehr Info:

"Alive 2” features ANTHRAX reunited with Joey Belladonna & Danny Spitz and tearing New Jersey a new one this summer. A great band at its best playing mood, superb songs from the Belladonna phase of ANTHRAX, brilliant sound and more. It's a pleasure to hear that the band is still able to rock with their old songs as much as with the newer track with singer John Bush. His interpretation of the stuff from the glorious days can be heard on last year´s "The Greater Of Two Evils". Now ANTHRAX are back with Joey Belladonna, Frank Bello and Dan Spitz and have some serious fun with the classics. "Alive 2" is the proof.

Anthrax was formed in 1981 by guitarist Scott "Not" Ian, who tried to find musicians that shared his passion for Black Sabbath and AC/DC, as well as the punk and hardcore scene. After several line-up changes, Anthrax recorded a 5-track demo with Neil Turbin on vocals. Manowar guitar player Ross the Boss produced the band's first single "Soldiers of Metal," which helped spread Anthrax all over the underground. Once again their line-up changed and drummer Charlie Benante, as well as guitar player Dan Spitz, entered the band. In 1993, their debut album Fistful of Metal was released supported by a tour with Raven. Although the album received great reactions everywhere, Turbin decided to leave the band. Anthrax hired the talented vocalist Joey Belladona as a replacement. The Armed and Dangerous EP was recorded followed by the excellent Spreading the Disease album, which established the band worldwide. After their first European tour, Anthrax released Among the Living, which landed on the charts in Great Britain fueled by the singles "I am the Law" and later "I'm the Man." Anthrax became one of the leading heavy metal acts around, forming "The Four Horsemen of Speed Metal" along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. With their skater outfits and inclusion of rap elements in their sound, Anthrax became the godfathers of a crossover scene that developed some years later in bands like Limp Bizkit. Anthrax were true innovators, years ahead of their time. State of Euphoria and Persistence of Time continued the tradition. This was the time when Anthrax got fed up with longtime Belladona and some time later they decided to go separate ways. ARMORED SAINT vocalist John Bush got the job and marked a new period in the history of Anthrax. In this part of the History of ANTHRAX released four albums, amongst others the current album "We´ve Come For You All" which was released via Nuclear Blast Records in 2003.

This impressive milestone will be released as noble DVD/CD-Package. The running time of the DVD is approx. 3 hours. Besides the concert, there will be many specials, like backstage scenes, a documentary, a video clip and other interesting features.

"Alive 2” is a worthwhile complement for every ANTHRAX collection and a must-have for fans!

Joey Belladonna - Vocals
Scott Ian - Guitar
Dan Spitz - Guitar
Frank Bello - Bass
Charlie Benante - Drums

1984 Fistful of Metal CD
1985 Armed and Dangerous EP
1985 Spreading the Disease CD
1987 Among the Living CD
1988 State of Euphoria CD
1990 Persistence of Time CD
1991 Attack of the killer B’s CD
1993 Sounds of white Noise CD
1994 Live, The Island Years CD
1995 Stomp 442 CD
1998 Moshers 1986 – 1991 CD
1998 Volume 8 - The threat is real CD
2003 We’ve Come For You All CD
2003 Stomp 442 (Re-Release) CD
2003 Sound Of White Noise (Re-Release) CD
2004 Music Of Mass Destruction DVD & CD
2004 The Greater Of Two Evils CD
2005 Alive 2 DVD & CD

CD 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Among the living 5:28
2 - Caught in a mosh 5:42
3 - A.I.R. 6:21
4 - Antisocial 6:10
5 - Lone Justice 4:32
6 - Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) 5:59
Alle Tracks anzeigen
CD 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Among the living
2 - Caught in a mosh
3 - A.I.R.
4 - Madhouse
5 - Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
6 - Deathrider
Alle Tracks anzeigen
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