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Jeopardy+ From the lion's mouth+All fall down…

THE SOUND - Jeopardy+ From the lion's mouth+All fall down…
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Punk/Hardcore, Rock/Alternative

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  • CD-Boxset - 20,99 EUR
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This comprehensive 4CD box set presents the perfect opportunity to reappraise the career of The Sound – the frequently overlooked London quartet who could perhaps should have had an impact on the post-punk era on the level achieved by the likes of Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen or The Cure. Across four CDs in wallets in a clamshell box are “Jeopardy”, “From The Lion’s Mouth” and “All Fall Down”, the three legend-enshrining LPs they recorded for Korova and WEA between 1980 and 1982. The albums are supplemented with rarities, b-sides, the recordings with Kevin Hewick, and BBC radio sessions. The fourth CD contains the BBC live in concert recordings. Put together with input from band members Mike Dudley and Graham Bailey as well as Adrian Borland’s father Bob, the box also contains a 36 page booklet with annotation by Tim Peacock of Record Collector, as well as the lyrics and ephemera.

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