The spirit of radio

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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - The spirit of radio
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Although it wasn't until 1973 that the first Bruce Springsteen album was released, he had been a fixture on the New Jersey bar circuit for the best part of five years before that. In fact, so well known were the ensemble by the early 1970s - by which time the group were playing across the US - largely via word of mouth, Bruce and a couple of soon to be E Street band members were invited into Boston's WBCN FM to strum a few tunes and goof around a little even before their debut was in the shops. As can be heard on the first disc of this set, the results of this stop-over are staggering and clearly illustrate the consummate performer of later years is ready to emerge when the time is right. Next up is Springsteen's first proper concert broadcast, simulcast from the infamous Main Point Ballroom in Philadelphia in Bryn Mawr just outside Philadelphia, in April of 1973. Discs two and three see things really hotting up as they contain the entire second Main Point gig that Bruce and the E Streeters played in February 1975, by which time the band had really found their feet, were as tight a rock unit as was playing anywhere in the Unites States and with the upcoming Born To Run album largely in the can and awaiting release in August, were justifiably in upbeat, confident mood. As they work through a number of Springsteen classics, a handful of which are as new to the audience and indeed to those listening in at home as the remainder are familiar. This three disc set is a true collector's item containing as it does a representation of Bruce and the Band right at the dawn of their professional career, ready to storm the world and gagging to show exactly what they are made of.

CD 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Satin doll (Boston, 9th January 1973) 2:18
2 - Bishop danced (Boston, 9th January 1973) 5:15
3 - Circus story (Boston, 9th January 1973) 5:21
4 - Song for orphans (Boston, 9th January 1973) 9:56
5 - Does this bus stop at 82nd Street? (Boston, 9th January 1973) 5:50
6 - New York song (Philadelphia, 24th April 1973) 7:10
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CD 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Intro (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 1:25
2 - Incident on 57th Street (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 9:14
3 - Mountain of love (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 3:16
4 - Born to run (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 4:48
5 - The E Street shuffle (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 12:56
6 - Wings for wheels (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 6:52
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CD 3
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Kitty's back (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 11:46
2 - New York City serenade (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 19:53
3 - Rosalita (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 12:34
4 - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 6:46
5 - A love so fine / Shout (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 8:36
6 - For you (Philadelphia, 5th February 1975) 8:22
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