High noon

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SHAKRA - High noon
  • CD-Boxset - 17,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Die limitierte Fan Edition beinhaltet den limitierten CD-Digipak, die SHAKRA Posterflag (100x150cm) und das Echtheitszertifikat! Mark Fox ist zurück am Mikrofon! Das neue Album klingt unglaublich powervoll, erdig und frisch - so, als wäre er nie weg gewesen. Auf "High Noon" befinden sich eine Hammer-Ballade und 11 straighte Rocker mit Ohrwurm-Garantie! Keine Experimente, nur das Wesentliche. 100 % SHAKRA pur!

Mehr Info:

High Noon - who does not automatically think of the classic western movie with Garry Cooper and Grace Kelly?
High Noon - also a metaphor for “time of decision” SHAKRA’s 10th album couldn't have a better title: this is about something, something big, something decisive, all or nothing, now or never!
It's not as if it wasn't as important in the past years for SHAKRA,
especially after “Back On Track” (2011) made it with #2 to the
best chart-entry for the band so far. Continuing their success
story - two years later SHAKRA got their well-deserved top position with “Powerplay”.
Well then? Mark Fox is back on vocals and the new album
sounds incredibly powerful, grounded and fresh – It is like he had
never left…
There are 12 songs on High Noon, a brilliant ballad and 11
straight rock-songs with a catchy tune – guaranteed!
No experiments, just essentials. 100% pure SHAKRA!
High Noon – not just another album from a band, which was founded more than 20 years ago out in the boondocks of the
Emmental, but THE Album by SHAKRA!
“I'm not just proud of High Noon, but really extremely damn
proud and very, very happy with it!” says Thomas. “You always
go to work on something new with the resolve to give it your very best… - and it is up to the fans to give a judgement!” Thom
concludes. “But we all have a really good feeling about High
Noon and are looking forward to finally playing the songs live!”

Line Up:
Mark Fox - Vocals
Thomas Blunier – Lead Guitar
Thomas Muster – Rhythm Guitar
Roger Tanner - Drums
Dominik Pfister - Bass

01. Hello
02. High Noon
03. Into Your Heart
04. Around The World
05. Eye To Eye
06. Is It Real
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