The Candlelight years

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OPETH - The Candlelight years
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  • 3CD - 19,99 EUR
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  • Format:3CD
  • Genre:Death Metal, Doom/Stoner/70ies, Gothic, Progressive Rock/Metal
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Inkl. "Orchid", "Morningrise" und "My arms…"!

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Released together for the first time ever the stunning first three Candlelight Opeth albums (Orchid, Morningrise and My Arms Your Hearse).
This triple CD set is the perfect way to experience the early years of this now legendary band and witness firsthand the albums that cemented the bands place in the metal big league.
Opeth recorded debut album, Orchid, with producer Dan Swan in April 1994, Orchid tested the boundaries of traditional death metal, featuring acoustic guitars, piano, and clean vocals. Allmusic called Orchid "brilliant", "startlingly unique", and "a far-beyond-epic prog/death monstrosity exuding equal parts beauty and brutality". After a few live shows in the United Kingdom, Opeth returned to the studio in March 1996 to begin work on a second album, again produced by Dan Swan. Morningrise was released in Europe on June 24, 1996. With only five songs and lasting 66 minutes, the album featured Opeth's longest song, the twenty-minute "Black Rose Immortal". Morningrise was a critical success, with Allmusic giving the album four stars. Opeth began work on its third album, with noted Swedish producer Fredrik Nordstrm, at Studio Fredman in August 1997. My Arms, Your Hearse was released on August 18, 1998, to critical acclaim. As Opeth's first international release, the album exposed the band to a wider global audience. My Arms, Your Hearse marked the beginning of a shift in the band's sound, focusing less on guitar harmonies and more heavily on progressive metal riffs. Featuring the bands first three classic albums Orchid, Morningrise and My Arms Your Hearse.

CD 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - In mist she was standing 14:09
2 - Under the weeping moon 9:52
3 - Silhouette 3:07
4 - Forest of October 13:05
5 - The twilight is my robe 11:01
6 - Requiem 1:11
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CD 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Advent 13:44
2 - The night and the silent water 10:59
3 - Nectar 10:09
4 - Black rose immortal 20:14
5 - To bid you farewell 10:54
6 - Eternal soul torture 8:35
CD 3
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Prologue 0:59
2 - April ethereal 8:41
3 - When 9:14
4 - Madrigal 1:26
5 - The amen corner 8:43
6 - Demon of the fall 6:13
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