Breaking the void

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STUDIO-X VS. SIMON CARTER - Breaking the void
  • 2CD - 21,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:230254
  • Format:2CD
  • Genre:Dark Wave/EBM, Gothic
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UK Hardcore/Breakbeat artist/DJ Simon Carter's first encounter with the EBM/industrial scene made him want to launch a new project and break some more music boundaries. He found in Australia's Lawrie Masson (from the trance dance act STUDIO-X) the right partner in crime to come up with something different and cutting-edge. On their debut album "Breaking The Void", the duo serves us an assortment of electro tracks fusing together many elements to create a journey through many different styles and influences, with only two main tenets. Firstly, every track is dancefloor friendly and secondly, each track contains an original vocal…This limited edition of the album includes a bonus disc with alternative versions of some album songs plus a bunch of remix collaborations with bands like KANT KINO, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, LEVEL 2.0, XP8, KICK BURST, C-LEKKTOR, 00TZ 00TZ, WAVES UNDER WATER,IEN OBLIQUE, ZERO-EQ, XENTURION PRIME, etc.

Disc 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Frozen 5:15
2 - Say my name (Album Version) 4:42
3 - Don't let go 3:33
4 - Fallen 5:35
5 - Gone 'Together again' (Album Version) 5:13
6 - Walk away with me (Dance away with me) 3:50
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Disc 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Gone 'Together again' (Level 2.0 Remix) 4:56
2 - Frozen (Winter Mix) 5:32
3 - Don't let go (Waves Under Water Remix) 4:34
4 - Fallen (Ien Oblique Remix) 4:37
5 - Truth (00tz00tz Remix) 4:15
6 - Say my name (Alternate Edit) 4:42
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