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The band's enthusiasm is clear immediately as the blistering opener "Bullet" kicks things off. From here it's a non-stop riding, from the hits "Do You Want To" and "Take Me Out" to fan favorites and deep cuts like "Evil and a Heathen", "Michael" and "Lucid Dreams". Plenty of cuts from their latest record are here as well and they fit perfectly among the rest of the group's discography. As is typical for a live recording the songs have a bit more grit and roughness to them: tempos are slightly faster, intros are changed up and overall it's more aggressive. At the same time the songs never suffer and they sound just close enough to their studio counterparts to please everyone. Franz has always been a great live band and this album is further proof that they can put on a show with the best of them.

Disc 1
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Bullet 2:38
2 - The Dark Of The Matinée 4:07
3 - Tell her tonight 2:24
4 - Evil eye 3:07
5 - No You Girls 3:24
6 - Do You Want To 5:58
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Disc 2
Tracklist Dauer
1 - Brief encounters 3:04
2 - Michael 4:18
3 - Take Me Out 5:06
4 - Love illumination 4:26
5 - This Fire 6:49
6 - Ulysses 3:22
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