featured in Xbox racing game

featured in Xbox racing game - 08.03.2005 00:00

08.03.2005 00:00 - <a href="" target="_blank"><u></u></a> recently reported that FIREBALL MINISTRY guitarist/singer James A. Rota was among the musicians working on the '70ies-inspired soundtrack to the Xbox racing simulator &quot;Forza Motorsport&quot;, which Microsoft will release on May 3.<br>The project was overseen by in-demand producer/artist Junkie XL (real name: Tom Holkenborg), who worked in tandem with Rota and former SOULFLY-/MACHINE HEAD six stringer Logan Mader to create nearly 150 minutes of music for the racing sequences and off-track scenarios.<br><br>&quot;More <a href=""><u>FIREBALL MINISTRY</u></a>&quot;

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