new signing

new signing - 28.05.2002

28.05.2002 - Another new NB-signing; Final Breath was founded in 1993, and in 1995 they released their first demo tape "Soulchange". The band made experiences with first gigs but also continued hard to develop their songwriting abilities. The next release was entitled "End Of It All Not" in '97 and electrified the listener with a original mixture of Death/Thrash and melodic Metal.
As they had not found a suitable label until then, Final Breath decided to record an album on their own. In order to give a violent sound to the uncompromising thrash songs, Andy Classen was asked to take care of the production at the Stage-One-Studios. The result convinced Gutter Rec. to set up a licence contract and to publish the material. Tracks like "Exposed To Hatred", "Sociopathically Insane" or "Going Hellbound" showed that Thrash Metal never was dead.

The upcoming album "Mind Explosion" turned out very mature and convincing, which resulted in a deal with Nuclear Blast. Thrash songs such as "The Punisher", "White Prison" or the title track "Mind Explosion" are featured together with grooving songs like "When Love Turnes To Hate" or fantastic death metal-influences ("Nonedescript"). Alltogether, the album offers more than 45 minutes of timeless, hard music, which again was produced together with Andy Classen and surely will have an impact on todays metal scene.

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