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studio diary - 28.02.2002

28.02.2002 - This will be a pre-taste of the coming Steel Prophet Studio Diary, which will be online soon!

February 20, 2002

We've been in the studio for a few days now. It's at Silver Cloud Studios in Burbank, CA. At the moment Roy Z is mixing the new Halford CD in Studio A, and we are in Studio B editing drum tracks. Soon we will start recording rhythm guitars. It's a real pain waiting for the editing to finish, because we aren't doing a damn thing! One of our co-producers - Rich Carete, is doing all the work and we just say yeah, or no when he has a question. It's very tedious, but someone has to be there to make decisions when advice is needed!

February 22, 2002

Karl and I continued editing drum tracks today and were treated to a listen of the Metal God's new CD! Halford has created a grungy, modern sound within a dark depressing metal disc. I'm not sure what true metal fans will think, but Rob is really wailing on the disc. What a classic voice! Rob actually said hello to us, and didn't threaten to kick us out of our room in the studio, so we were happy!

February 23 2002

Well, yesterday I finally started recording guitars for the new CD. It took about five hours to do all the tracks for "Martyred". There were five rhythm guitar tracks, and two 'harmolodic' tracks, followed by the climber track. Eventually there will be a baritone track and lead track not to mention a noise loop in the middle section. It's very time consuming! Rick will be coming in from Las Vegas in a couple days to sing, so we want to finish as much of the guitar playing as possible before he starts. We had some guests down today and they liked what they heard so far!

February 25, 2002

Jim will begin recording rhythm guitars today, after I do some more work on "Martyred" and "Bolero". This will get us in high gear, as Jim tracks really fast and accurately. He can easily track two or three songs in the time it takes for me to do one. Well, that's it for now, we'll keep you up to date in the future!

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