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shreds of dignity

shreds of dignity - 10.12.2001

10.12.2001 - *** NEWS FLASH provided by Gary Meskil himself ***

It is now December 7th, and we’re just about to start final mixes for our new album "Shreds Of Dignity". Here’s a track list (in no particular order):

Kill Or Be Killed
Shreds Of Dignity
24 / 7
Down For The Cause
Casualties Of War
Walk Away
No Way Out
The Shape Of Things To Come
Gone Fishin’
Lock N’ Load
Fuck Off And Die
Justice Must Be Done

We are very pleased with the way the recording has turned out thus far. "Shreds Of Dignity" will prove to be our heaviest and strongest effort to date. With regard to our touring plans: We will support our new record with a European Club Tour that will most likely run through March and April of next year. Also, be on the lookout for PRO-PAIN at select Summer Open Air Festivals throughout Europe. A United States Tour should commence
immediately following our initial Euro dates. That’s all for now. We would like to wish you all a happy holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year!


Gary and PRO-PAIN

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