SPEAKING THE KING's - »Here To Stay« EP-Cover enthüllt!

SPEAKING THE KING's - »Here To Stay« EP ... - 07.06.2013

07.06.2013 - Die Post Hardcore'ler SPEAKING THE KING'S aus Orange County, California, USA haben das Cover-Artwork ihrer Debüt-EP »Here To Stay« enthüllt. Die EP erscheint in Europa am 12. Juli 2013 als Digital-only Release über Nuclear Blast.

Die Band erzählt zur Entstehung des Covers folgendes:
“We felt the sight of tattoos, Vans, shorts, and an overall warm tone of the setting portrayed the fun lifestyle of living in California. The dock in Santa Fe Springs is still in good condition and has many years ahead of itself but has seen its tough days with all the dents, just like each and every one of us.

Leg tattoos starting left to right: Mike Entin’s right leg was done by London at Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA and the left leg was done by John Troeller at Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, CA. Justin Bock is squeaky clean at the moment. Bobby Burap's left leg was done by Keith Feitelson at Starlight Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV. Will Peacock's right leg was done by Johnny VonPeso at Action Tattoo in Yorba Linda, CA and his left leg was done Christopher ‘Huck’ Boon at All Hollows Ink in Fullerton, CA.”

Die Tracklist zu »Here To Stay« sieht wie folgt aus:
1 – One Foot At A Time
2 – How You Work
3 – Casanova
4 – Tearing Down The Walls
5 – Lock & Key
6 – The Collector

“We have put a lot in to this recording and we hope that people will be able to connect with our music and with us as individuals,” so SPEAKING THE KING’S Gitarrist & Gründungsmitglied Justin Bock.

»Here To Stay« wurde mit A DAY TO REMEMBER-Produzent, -Songwriter und -ex-Gitarrist Tom Denney (PIERCE THE VEIL, SECRETS) in Florida aufgenommen. Alle Songs wurden von Zeuss (SUICIDE SILENCE, HATEBREED, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, WHITECHAPEL) gemischt.
SPEAKING THE KING’S wurden im 2011 von den Gitarristen Justin Bock & Mike Entin und Drummer Will Peacock gegründet. Sänger Bobby Burap komplettierte das Line-up. Die Band hat bereits u.a. mit Bands wie WE CAME AS ROMANS, BLEEDING THROUGH, WINDS OF PLAGE, OF MICE & MEN, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, DARKEST HOUR, BLESS THE FALL, SECRETS und CLOSE TO HOME die Bühne geteilt.

'Casanova', das aktuelle Video der Band, gibt es hier:

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