The Trouble With Angels


FILTER - The Trouble With Angels

Veröffentlicht am: 24.09.2010

LOS ANGELES – Platinum rock band, FILTER will release their fifth studio album, “The Trouble With Angels” this September on Nuclear Blast Records. Fans of the band’s “Short Bus” and “Title of Record” will be ecstatic to hear Richard Patrick return to his industrialroots. Kevin Day, owner of FILTER’s US label Rocket Science, “I have known Richard for a good while and have been a fan of his music and the Filter ‘sound’ since their first release. “The Trouble With Angels” is exciting because it’s a strong return to the sonically dark jet engine growl that FILTER invented and defined.” Produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Atreyu, Saliva) the album kicks off with “The Inevitable Relapse” which features thundering chords and an isolated bass line that both conjure and modernize FILTER’s signature sound. “People think “The Inevitable Relapse” is about addiction, consumption, and obsession, but they’re wrong,” says Richard Patrick. “It’s a love song.” As harsh as the song sounds as soft, touching and moving a song like “Fades Like A Photograph” can sound. The masterpiece of a genius and a visionary artist – which also marks the first single of the album! Richard Patrick has taken “Angels” to the next level both lyrically and musically, employing some of the best in the business for the upcoming US tour – European dates are being workd on right at the moment. The live band features Patrick on vocals and guitar, guitarist Rob Patterson (Korn, Otep), bassist Phil Buckman and longtime FILTER drummer, Mika Fineo.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - The Inevitable Relapse 3:29
2 - Drug Boy 3:47
3 - Absentee Father 3:58
4 - No Love 4:18
5 - Fades Like A Photograph (Dead Angel) 5:37
6 - Down With Me 3:52
7 - Catch A Falling Knife 4:02
8 - The Trouble With Angels 3:52
9 - Clouds 3:31
10 - No Re-Entry 4:23
11 - Leaving Without A Note (bonustrack) 4:03
12 - Drug Boy (remix) (bonustrack) 3:36