Veröffentlicht am: 11.09.2009

Canadas # 1 in modern metal tunes is back with a vengeance! Although the band took a quite long break after the release of 2006’s highly acclaimed breaking debut album “Under Reprisal” THREAT SIGNAL have worked hard and intensively on their second strike. The development they underwent can’t be described with just one word – “Vigilance” takes modern metal to another level of brutality, diversity, depth and intensity! Though the band had to struggle with numerous line-up changes, they really made a step forward but also keeping the well known and acclaimed THREAT SIGNAL trademarks. A bit less FEAR FACTORY infatuation, but still thrashy as f*ck, a bit more of Swedish upper class metal in the vein of SOILWORK, MESHUGGAH or SONIC SYNDICATE, shattering screams and perfectly set up clean vocal lines that would make Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK) blush! Without Producer Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-FEAR FACTORY) by their side THREAT SIGNAL were just relying on their own this time and it really paid off. Commented singer Jon Howard “Since demoing the album was such a positive, non-stressful experience, we decided to record most of the album in my home studio. Overall this recording process was completely stress free, not rushed, and very enjoyable. Instead of smashing the whole album together within a matter of weeks, we had over half a year to record and tweak the album exactly how we wanted. The best way to describe “Vigilance” is taking all the elements from “Under Reprisal”, and pushing them to the next level. Every part of our music has progressed and grown another step. I’ve always dreamed of creating a heavier yet more melodic album, pushing every aspect of what we do to the max, and we've totally achieved that.” True words! THREAT SIGNAL did not only manage to write songs that hit real hard but also have to power and depth to touch – by doing all theirselves, the band also got to the point to deliver a just perfect production that is powerful, transparent, tight and expansive! “Vigilance” is not just another metal album thrown to the audience, “Vigilance” is a modern metal experience!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Afterlife 4:06
2 - Through My Eyes 4:35
3 - The Beginning Of The End 4:00
4 - United We Stand 4:21
5 - Beyond Recognition 4:05
6 - Another Source Of Light 4:53
7 - Hate Machine 3:37
8 - Severed 3:18
9 - Lost 5:04
10 - Revision 3:10
11 - In Repair 3:28
12 - Escape From Reality 4:20
13 - To Remember 5:49