The Miskolc Experience


THERION - The Miskolc Experience

Veröffentlicht am: 05.06.2009

After the phenomenal last studio album "Gothic Kabbalah" (2007), easily THERION`s most stunning effort since "Theli", and the follow-up live CD "Live Gothic" (2008), THERION mastermind and only remaining founding member Christofer Johnsson decided to go for a rather special project: the band`s appearance at the remarkable and renowned International Opera Festival in Miskolc / Hungary in 2007 was taped on and off stage to preserve a truly unique classic metal event for the THERION fanbase! The first part – dubbed "Classical adventures" – features some of Christofer`s favourite composers (especially his alltime fave, Wagner) and does completely without guitars or any metal instrumentation whatsoever. Just orchestra and choir. Part two, "Therion songs", delivers exactly that: finest THERION material performed by the band, a huge orchestra and choir. Rounding off "The Miskolc Experience" is an entertaining documentary which gives insight in the complicated organisation and the no less complicated execution with all ups and downs for the involved crew and musicians. "The Miskolc Experience" is the testimony of the brilliant Johnsson/Niemann/Niemann/Karlsson THERION line-up which Christofer Johnsson decided to dissolve in late 2008. This chapter of THERION is closed, a new era is about to begin – and THERION will soon open the book once again! DVD + CD tracklist: Part 1 - Classical Adventures: (44 min.) 01. Clavicula Nox 02. Dvorak: Excerpt from Symphony no. 9 03. Verdi: Vedi! le fosche notturne spotigle from Il Trovatore 04. Mozart: "Dies Irae" from Reqiuem 05. Saint-Saens: Excerpt from Symphony No. 3 06. Wagner: "Notung! Notung! Niedliches Schwert!" from The Ring 07. Wagner: Excerpt from the Overture from Rienzi 08. Wagner: Second part of "Der Tag ist da" from Rienzzi 09. Wagner: First part of "Herbei! Herbei!" from Rienzi Part 2 - Therion Songs: (66 min.) 01. Blood Of Kingu 02. Sirius B 03. Lemuria 04. Eternal Return 05. Draconian Trilogy 06. Schwartsalbenheim 07. Via Nocturna 08. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah 09. Grand Finale Bonus Features (DVD only): - Documentary (20 min.) - Therion Goes Classic – Bucharest (16 min.)


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