Rise To Ruin


GOREFEST - Rise To Ruin

Veröffentlicht am: 03.08.2007

"A combination of the violence of "Mindloss", the seventies solos of "Soul Survivor" and the grooves of "Erase" have finally found their way onto a new path called "Rise To Ruin". - Wouter Dielesen Wouter says it all. “Rise To Ruin” is the next chapter in the history of GOREFEST. Many people were surprised of the harshness of the comeback album “La Muerte” two years ago. It was a great album, stuffed with elements from everything that GOREFEST ever done. You could say the same about “Rise To Ruin” – but this time the Dutch Death Metal institution is taking it even further. Faster, harder, louder! For the first time, the band chose to produce and mix the album with Mr. Danish Dynamite Tue Madsen at his famous Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Danemark. The result: A fresh, powerful and lucent production. Founded by vocalist/bassist Jan-Chris De Koeijer and guitarist Frank Harthoorn in 1989, GOREFEST released their debut album “Mindloss” in 1991 after they attracted quite some attention in the extreme Metal underground. Signing to Nuclear Blast in 1992 (now enforced by guitarist Boudewijn Bonebakker and drummer Ed Warby), the band issued the legendary “False” album that quickly gained cult status and showed the band from a far more technical and sophisticated side. Next up was “The Eindhoven Insanity”, recorded live at the Dynamo metal festival in Holland; the proper follow-up, “Erase”, was released in 1994 and turned out to be a modern classic: GOREFEST mixed their brand of Death Metal with catchy guitar melodies firmly hooked in the classic Metal department and lots of rolling midtempo grooves. Especially the title track is a true masterpiecer. Keeping focused on melodies and 70s British Metal, 1996`s Soul Survivor” threatened to burst through the barriers of Death Metal and showed the band from a rather experimental side. “Chapter 13”, GOREFEST´S swan song, was released in 1998, and it continued with the band`s interest in classic rock. However, just before the end of the year, the band announced its breakup. In the summer of 2004, negotiations to re-release the entire GOREFEST back catalogue resulted in the band reforming. After a bunch of killer reunion shows at the 2005 summer festivals such as the prestigious Wacken festival, “La Muerte” crushed the ears of the critics and got ravenous reviews. The FEST is alive! More than ever! "A very raw and brutal death metal records. GOREFEST have probably made their fastest and heaviest album so far!" - Stephan Gebedy – AARDSCHOK -

1 - Revolt
2 - Rise To Ruin
3 - The War On Stupidity
4 - A Question Of Terror
5 - Babylon´s Whores
6 - Speak When Spoken To
7 - A Grim Charade
8 - Murder Brigade
9 - The End Of It All