Heeding The Call


HAMMERFALL - Heeding The Call

Veröffentlicht am: 03.08.1998

At last!!! - Just over a year after the release of the sensational debut album "GLORY TO THE BRAVE", there's a sign of life from the new KINGS OF METAL. "HEEDING THE CALL" is a traditional HAMMERFALL song: Hard, fast and with a chorus that will be echoing in your ears after hearing it the first time. The 5 Swedes prove here that the fantastic success of their debut album (reached no. 38 in the German charts) was not a one-day wonder. The single includes "ETERNAL DARK", a cover version of the Dutch band PICTURE, as well as 3 excellent live recordings of the songs "THE METAL AGE", STEEL MEETS STEEL" and "STONE COLD". These tracks will not be appearing on the album.

1 - Heeding The Call
2 - Eternal Dark
3 - The Metal Age (live)
4 - Steel Meets Steel (live)
5 - Stone Cold (live)