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"A cineastic experience and strong emotions. This Bastard is a high-born with clear SVBWAY TO SALLY-genes. Melancholy and staginess in delicate arrangements. Feel for quiet wavelets and decuman surges, rocking passion and similarly magnificently told tales."Meike Spanner „Zillo“In 2007 they are celebrating their 15th aniversary – the eternally unresting SVBWAY TO SALLY from Potsdam. But rather than contemplatively looking back or even taking a break the septet presents album number nine with a peal of thunder – “Bastard”!All times SYBWAY TO SALLY’s trademarks have been hard Rock- and Metal music, enriched with medieval melodies enmeshed in the songs via bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lute, mandoline, shalm, fiddle and flute. Combined with the group’s typical romantic-symbolic German-speaking poetry a highly concise overall concept arises, that especially in live situations carries away to storms of ecstasy: these days the band attracts thousands of followers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is regarded as one of the best German live acts.Following the independently released “Album 1994” and “MCMXCV”, the third and very successful album “Foppt den Dämon” marks SVBWAY TO SALLY’s first major release at the beginning of 1996. The two studio albums "Bannkreis" and "Hochzeit" pitchfork Eric Fish and co. in further highs. After the live album “Schrei” (2000) and the best of-compilation “Die Rose Im Wasser” 2001 sees “Herzblut” charting at position 15 in the Media Control Charts, followed by a nomination for the German music award “Echo”. Moreover, a trip to Mexico with the band playing several sold out gigs marks another highlight in their career.On March 10th, 2003 “Engelskrieger” is released and enters the album charts at position 9. In the meantime more than 250.000 fans have seen the band live on stage. In 2004 SVBWAY TO SALLY sign with Nuclear Blast Records and one year later “Nord Nord Ost” is released. With the all-rounder Simon Michael replacing long-time drummer David Pätsch the band plays more than 18 festivals, including Rock Am Ring and Rock im Park. In autum 2005 “Nord Nord Ost” sensationally enters the German charts at position 5.In 2006 a long-time dream is fulfilled: the band embarks on a one month-trek for the “Nackt”-acoustic tour, performing a completely new arranged program in front of enthusiastic crowds. The gig played at the Passionskirche in Berlin is taped for the “Nackt” Live-DVD release, which later achieves gold status in autumn 2007.At the beginning of 2007 the musicians again delve into work and complete the “Bastard” within the course of half a year! The no less than ninth studio album is brimful with amazingly fresh and diversified songs combining the band’s strengths. The album is many a mother’s and father’s child with violinist Frau Schmitt as well as drummer Simon Michaels contributing songs for the first time. The band chooses a more primordial approach, making the songs sound rougher and livelier. Maybe it was not since their album “Bannkreis” that SVBWAY TO SALLY have been composing in such a fleet-footed and playful manner. Nevertheless, the sound of “Bastard” comes crushing vehemently and screams for huge stages, crowds soaked in sweat and masses singing in unision.

1 - Meine Seele brennt
2 - Puppenspieler
3 - Auf Kiel
4 - Umbra
5 - Voodoo
6 - Wehe Stunde
7 - Die Trommel
8 - Unentdecktes Land
9 - Hohelied
10 - Canticum Satanae
11 - Tanz auf dem Vulkan
12 - Fatum
13 - In der Stille
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