Error In Evolution



Veröffentlicht am: 09.03.2007

"21st Century Killing Machine" is still echoing in the ears of many Metal maniacs around the globe, especially after this grandiose summer with stunning live performances from ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET on many important festival stages. But no rest for the wicked as the band is ready to strike again: "Error In Evolution" is the second album from the Swedish premium Kings of Steel. 10 tracks of Death Thrashin' Madness. Faster than the last record, deadlier than the grim reaper. “Error In Evolution” has got a roaring drum sound, crunchy guitars and the "angelic" voice of Johan Lindstrand (ex-THE CROWN). If Death Metal was to go mainstream, "Mine For The Taking" would be a hit single, no doubt. "Error In Evolution" is a collection of double bass-layers, attacking riffs, sawing bass lines, creepy atmosphere but with a rock´n`rollish edge. Check out tracks like "Such A Sick Boy", "Knights In Satan´s Service" or "See Them Burn” just to mention a few. The album also features a cover of the classic "He´s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" originally recorded by Alice Cooper. The function of the song on the album is just like adding some Tabasco to an already spicy soup – that little push over the edge which make you beg for mercy but still wanting more… Again the band recorded with ex-bass player Valle Adzic (he was replaced by Robert Axelsson shortly after the release of the debut) at Deadline Studio. The mastering duties were once again taken care of by Dragan, who also worked with the Army on "21st Century Killing Machine". It is regarding where the album was recorded and mixed. It was recorded AND mixed at Deadline and only Mastered at Bohus. Ladies and Gentlemen Nuclear Blast Records Presents: “Error In Evolution”

1 - Mine For The Taking
2 - Knights In Satan´s Service
3 - Such A Sick Boy
4 - Supreme Butcher
5 - The Sun Never Shines
6 - See Them Burn
7 - Nightmare In Ashes And Blood
8 - He´s Back
9 - Heaven Knows Pain
10 - Hail The King
11 - Killing Machine (Live)
12 - Public Enemy No.1 (Live)
13 - So Grim So True So Real (Live)