Blacken The Angel


AGATHODAIMON - Blacken The Angel

Veröffentlicht am: 01.08.1998

Dark atmosphere, erotism and romantism. A masterpiece of atmospheric black metal. «Blacken The Angel» was created for those who love dark music with deep emotional feelings. Agathodaimon ain’t one of the usual «We are Very Bad and Evil!» bands, but differ from the maze of those who support the evil/satanic ideology. I can’t say that they are black metal, they have black metal elements and traditional metal guitar riffs combined with a gothic touch. Full of keyboard melodies and symphonic elements. Unfortunately for the band, their original vocalist Vlad Dracul was not allowed to return to Germany, after a trip he had done to Bucharest, due to the harsh German immigration laws. Akaias replaced Vlad and is a permanent member of the band now. Vocals are excellent though! Akaias’ vocal abilities impressed me a lot I can say. As far as the lyrical section is concerned, they are partly German, partly English and written by Vlad. As he is Romanian, he is influenced very much from the Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu and his more modern counterpart Ion Minulescu. In «Blacken The Angel», one can hear the previously re-released «Banner Of Blasphemy» (Nuclear blast compilations: Gods of Darkness, Past-Present-Future, etc) a bit different. Although, I prefer the first edition of it. Also, I have to mention «Near Dark», a 15 minutes masterpiece that won’t let anyone down. Long, but NOT boring! «Tristetea Vehementa», the first song, is probably the best, I think. Another really special song, I would say, is «Sfintit Cu Roua Suferintii». Great guitar riffs, amazing atmosphere, that makes the listener shiver! I believe that it will not dissapoint but a few. (Altars Of Metal-webzine, Dimitris Petrakis)

1 - Tristetea Vehementa
2 - Banner of Blashpemy
3 - Near Dark
4 - Ill of an imaginary guilt
5 - Die Nacht des Unwesens
6 - Contemplation song
7 - Sfinit cu roua suferintii
8 - Stingher / Alone
9 - After Dark
10 - Ribbons / Requiem