Evolution 4.0


THUNDERSTONE - Evolution 4.0

Veröffentlicht am: 16.03.2007

After the success of the last album "Tools Of Destruction" 2005, THUNDERSTONE spent a lot of time in the studio preparing and recording their new masterpiece: "Evolution 4.0." "Evolution 4.0." is a lesson in crunchy Power Meta but with bigger balls than most Thrash Metal bands. Evolution 4.0.is a very charming album and there is a big chance you’ll fall in love with it after the first listen. No clichés – just pure f****** metal.The song "10.000 ways" which, will by the way be the first single of the album, is screaming with hammering drums with nasty and hard guitar riffs and every single headbanger in the world has no chance to stand still. The mighty chorus simply puts the listener into a good mood. Not sure about this bit - these phrases have been used a bit too much in other bios last year…THUNDERSTONE was formed in early 2000 by guitarist Nino Laurenne who previously played with Thrash Metal Band Antidote. Nino later recruited Pasi Rantanen (vocals), Titus Hjelm (bass & backing vocals) and Mirka Rantanen (drums) and the band was complete. Together they recorded theri first demo which caught huge interest within the Scandinavian press. Shortly after, keyboard player Kari Tornack joined the band and completed the line THUNDERSTONE are known to be an amazing live band and this time managed to capture their outstanding live power on record. "EVOLUTION 4.0”. is an absolute must for Metal fans all over the world. Neither God or Satan will forgive you if you leave this unheard P.S. As you MIGHT have heard, THUNDERSTONE are one of a dozen acts who will compete to represent Finland in the 2007 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST! The contest will take place in May 2007 in Helsinki – and I bet everybody remembers who won the competition last year!!?? Good luck to THUNDERSTONE!

1 - Evolution 4.0
2 - Forevermore
3 - Roots Of Anger
4 - 10.000 Ways
5 - Holding On My Pain
6 - Swirled
7 - Down With Me
8 - Face In The Mirror
9 - Solid Ground
10 - The Source
11 - Great Man Down