Zu Alt



Veröffentlicht am: 11.11.2005

Germany`s most band of the world”, the ultimate boygroup KNORKATOR deliver their first ever visual attack with the DVD “Zu alt” ( = “Too Old”) after four records. The live show that has been taped during various KNORKATOR tours in the past features hits from all records, starting with “The Schlechtst Of” up to “Ich hasse Musik” and is an impressive document of all the elements that made KNORKATOR and their sweaty live shows so famous: food fights between  fans and band, pyros, risky stagediving, plush pianos, stunts – it`s all here! The 90 minute – stroll through the band´s history answers every question about the past of Stumpen, Alf Ator und Buzz Dee and features legendary TV appearances (just remember the bands` battle at the Grand Prix d`Eurovision 2000) as well as interviews, lots of weird stories and compromising old private material. Add all the videoclips, the photo gallery and the live CD and you can only come to one conclusion: everything KNORKATOR have ever done is featured on this big fat kickass DVD! You gotta love KNORKATOR!!! DVD  ca. 180min      Live: (Stereo, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS)01. Aeger Sum02. Kurz und klein03. Es kotzt mich an04. Ding inne Schnauze05. Ich hasse Musik06. Try Again07. Schüchtern08. Schmutzfink09. Der Ultimative Mann10. Ma Baker11. Mai Khao DjaiHistory:  (Stereo)Biography und entertainment 4 chapters      Clips:  (Stereo)01. Böse02. Weg nach unten03. Klonen04. O05. Komm wieder her06. Wir werden+ entertainment, TV features, photo gallery CD: (Live)01. Aeger Sum02. Kurz und klein03. Es kotzt mich an04. Böse05. Ding inne Schnauze06. Ich hasse Musik07. Try Again08. Konflikt09. Schüchtern10. Schmutzfink11. Der ultimative Mann 11. Mai Khao Djai12. Ma Baker13. Narrenkappe14. Mai Khao DjaiHidden Track: 15. Wir werden