Issue VI



Veröffentlicht am: 20.06.2005

German DEW-SCENTED are the leaders of a new breed of Thrash Metal: Always one step ahead of their competitors, they combine oldschool brutality with fierce vocal-aggression and riffing deeply rooted in the best of the Thrash and Death Metal genres. With their latest effort “Issue VI”, DEW-SCENTED are back to seriously break some necks! Once again fueled by an aggressive, yet crystal-clear production courtesy of Stage One Studio's Andy Classen (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Disbelief, Krisiun, etc.), “Issue VI” is every ounce the album that will make DEW-SCENTED fans rejoice. The sheer rage and complex instrumental arrangements of the band (that have already become a trademark) firmly grip the listener by the throat throughout the whole of these 12 new songs. Tracks like the merciless opening "Processing Life", the groovy "Rituals Of TIme", the uncompromising “Turn To Ash” (for which the band just completed their impressing first-ever video clip), the mid-paced "The Prison Of Reason" or the simply striking “Bled Dry” are the musical equivalent of a violent wrecking impact. Leif Jensen's untamed vocals combined with pounding drums and massive riffing are guaranteed to turn every moshpit into a slaughterhouse.... DEW-SCENTED (a name inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe) were originally formed in 1992 with a slightly different line-up and released their one and only demo tape “Symbolization” in the winter of 1993 / 1994. Not only the underground scene took notice of that six-song effort – a couple of labels did as well. In February 1996 DEW-SCENTED signed a deal with Steamhammer Records / SPV for their debut CD “Immortelle”. Supporting big names such as Overkill, Edge Of Sanity or Morbid Angel, the band quickly gained wide live-reputation and fan loyalty. "Innoscent", released in the early summer of 1998 through Grind Syndicate Media / Nuclear Blast, impressed listeners with voracious songs as well as a pounding mix courtesy of cult producer Dan Swanö. DEW-SCENTED once again headed out to present the album on European stages: A string of tours with Death, the "Summer Clash" festival tour with Deicide, Six Feet Under, Amon Amarth, Naglfar and Brutal Truth, as well as a show at the "Wacken Open Air" in 1998 followed, as well as plenty of single gigs with bands such as Dismember, Eucharist or Night In Gales. Without any actual time-off, the band managed to complete a new album, which was released in the summer of 1999. "Ill-Natured" with its elaborated song writing, was another huge step forward for these guys from Northern Germany. Mixing Death and Thrash Metal elements, melodic parts and tight riffs, the new album propelled DEW-SCENTED into being one of the most uncompromising and determined brutal Metal bands in Europe. DEW-SCENTED, once again, hit the road and performed live as much as ever possible, including a European tour supporting Overkill and Annihilator, several different festival shows and gigs with Immortal, Tankard, Vader, etc. All these appearances were highlighted by an amazing four-date tour of Japan alongside Defleshed and Night In Gales. In the summer of 2001 DEW-SCENTED entered the famous Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen to nail down the fourth full-length album "Inwards". Mr. Classen, would then move on to become a decisive part of band, producing all of their upcoming records to date. “Inwards” turned out to be a neck-snapping bastard of an album, irresistible for fans of Slayer and lovers of Death or The Haunted. In the meantime, DEW-SCENTED had added Hendrik Bache to the band's steady line-up for additional six-string power and suitable song writing contribution, bringing the band back to quintet shape. DEW-SCENTED toured in promotion of their acclaimed new release (which by the way achieved several "album of the month" features and awesome media feedback throughout the whole world) in France with No Return, in UK with Vader, supported a week of shows for the German Thrash Metal Trinity Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, played several Summer festival sets (With Full Force, Summer Rocks in Hungary, Party-San, Metalfest Vienna, etc.), visited North American ground for the very first time to perform a highly successful set at the well-known Milwaukee Metalfest and finished off the busy year 2002 with a 5 weeks, full European tour as main support act to Cannibal Corpse. Their 2003 release “Impact” as well as the re-mastered re-release of “Ill - Natured” + “Innoscent” via Nuclear Blast Records further established the band as one of the leading forces of European extreme Metal and saw the guys play live at prestigious festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze Festival, Tuska Open Air in Finland, Fury Fest in France, Pressure Festival, Earthshaker Fest, Metalcamp Tolmin in Slovenia, Up From The Ground, New Jersey Metal And Hardcore Fest, as well as a European tour with Nile and Misery Index which melted into the “X-Mass Festivals” with Destruction, Deicide, Amon Amarth and many more. Another line-up change took place before the long-awaited sixth opus, entitled “Issue VI”, came to existence: Obscenity's Alexander Pahl joined the band permanently on bass after already being with the band for live-shows since 2002, guitar player Florian Müller left bringing in Marvin Vriesde from Blo.Torch and Severe Torture as additional guitarist. What else? Yes, DEW-SCENTED will return to a stage near you and wreck the place apart! Thrash 'til death! "Issue VI" will also be released in a limited edition version with a bonus DVD including the video clip for "Turn To Ash" as well as 17 (!) live songs recorded at diverse shows between 2002 and 2005!

1 - Processing Life
2 - Rituals Of Time
3 - Turn To Ash
4 - Ruins Of Hope
5 - Out Of The Self
6 - The Prison Of Reason
7 - Bled Dry
8 - In Defeat
9 - Never To Return
10 - Vortex
11 - Conceptual End
12 - Evil Dead (Zeke Cover Version)