Veröffentlicht am: 06.09.2004

PUNGENT STENCH are ready to shock the world once more with a new album! With its scandalous photographies and provocative lyrics, "Ampeauty" (the title is a word-play of 'amputee' and 'beauty') presents the sick trio from Austria in top form. Besides the music being very groovy, solid and technically perfect – hard & pummeling Death Metal right into your face and not as sterile as 2001 comeback album "Masters Of Moral – Servants Of Sin". You’ll look forward to hear bizarre masterpieces like the conspiratorial 'Invisible Empire', the nasty 'Same Shit – Different Asshole' or the hauling 'No Guts, No Glory'. PUNGENT STENCH was formed as a musical project back in February 1988 in Vienna, Austria. Consisting of Alex Wank (Mr. Stench) on drums, Jacek Perkowski (Pitbull Jack) on bass and Martin Schirenc (El Cochino) on vocals and guitar, the band soon got known for their extreme and grotesque but also humorous Death Metal. After the release of their first EP "Extreme Deformity“ which included three demo tracks, the first album "For God You Soul...For Me Your Flesh" followed in April 1990 and established the band as one of the leaders in the European Death Metal and Grindcore scene. Also the live performances of PUNGENT STENCH got famous pretty soon, for they were among the sickest and most intense shows to be found those days – musically as well as visually.The second album "Been Caught Buttering" showed up in November 1991, containing the major hit 'Why Can't Bodies Fly'. PUNGENT STENCH set off for a tour with TYPE O NEGATIVE that lead them to Israel, the USA, Australia, Turkey and of course all important European countries. After the release of mini-album "Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats“ in April 1993, it was time to give everybody the possibility to see their sick live show also at home – so the grotesque bunch decided to release the home video "Video La Muerte“ later on in 1993, followed by the new full length album "Club Mondo Bizarre – For Members Only“ in October.The band decided to take a 'short' time out afterwards, which ended up in a break of more than eight years! In 1997, label Nuclear Blast released a CD-Box called "Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins“ which contained a lot of unreleased material and rarities as well as the most popular tracks of the band. 2001 saw the comeback of PUNGENT STENCH! With "Masters Of Moral – Servants Of Sin" the Austrian trio – consisting of Schirenc, Wank and new bass player Reverend Mausner – once again started out to shock people and censorship. Watch out for the upcoming PUNGENT STENCH tour all across Europe in October and also some live shows at this year's summer festivals, e.g. the Party.San open air in Bad Berka, Germany. With new line up – bass player Fabio Testi joined the band recently – PUNGENT STENCH will give you a lesson on the grotesque and ripping metal!

1 - Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)
2 - Invisible Empire
3 - The Amp Hymn
4 - The Passion Of Lucifer
5 - Got Milf?
6 - Human Garbage
7 - Apotemnophiliac
8 - No Guts, No Glory
9 - Same Shift - Different Asshole
10 - Fear The Grand Inquisitor