Music Of Mass Destruction


ANTHRAX - Music Of Mass Destruction

Veröffentlicht am: 26.07.2004

"Music Of Mass Destruction" lives up to its name. In fact, this is a highly explosive ANTHRAX live concert, filmed & recorded during a sold-out show in Chicago. Thus both DVD and CD contain all highlights you need: A great band at its best playing mood, superb songs from all phases of ANTHRAX, brilliant sound, loads of bonus material and more. "Music Of Mass Destruction" is a worthwhile complement for every ANTHRAX collection and a must-have for fans!In 1981 guitar player Scott "Not" Ian formed ANTHRAX in trying to find musicians that shared his passion for BLACK SABBATH and AC/DC as well as the punk and hardcore scenes.  With Neil Turbin on vocals the band recorded a 5-track-demo, followed by the first single, Soldiers Of Metal, which was produced by MANOWAR guitar player Ros the Boss, and made ANTHRAX known all over the American underground.  After a line-up change, drummer Charlie Benante and guitar player Dan Spitz entered the band, and released the debut album, Fistful Of Metal, backed up by a tour with RAVEN.  Shortly after, Neil Turbin left the band and Joey Belladonna took his place at the microphone proving to be an outstanding singer.  The Armed And Dangerous EP and the excellent album, Spreading The Disease were released in 1985 and established the band worldwide.  Their first European tour in 1987 provided ANTHRAX with loads of new fans and the next album, Among The Living, entered the long player charts in Great Britain. The bands' status improved continuously and soon established ANTHRAX as one of the leading US metal acts along with METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH.  Wearing skater clothes and using rap elements for their music the band was the precursor of the crossover movement that developed some years later and produced acts like KORN and LIMP BIZKIT. After the release of Persistence Of Time, ANTHRAX split up with singer Belladonna and replaced him with Ex-ARMORED SAINT vocalist John Bush.  That step turned out to be one in the right direction.  Bush brought along the right energy and charisma making the next albums Sound Of White Noise and Stomp 442 milestones in the band history. The “best of” records, Moshers 1986 – 1991 and Volume 8 – The Threat Is Real, marked the last releases of ANTHRAX for more than five years. In 2002 they returned to the music business playing some very well attended shows with MOTÖRHEAD in Europe.  In February 2003 the brand new platter, We've Come For You All, showed up clarifying that ANTHRAX are still relevant in this explosive modern rock/metal scene.No matter if you enjoy "Music Of Mass Destruction" on DVD or CD, you'll have first class entertainment, provided by hits like 'Fueled', 'Antisocial' or 'Metal Thrashing Mad'. No excuses – buy it!   LIVE DVD: 01. What Doesn't Die 02. Got The Time 03. Caught In A Mosh 04.  Safe Home 05.  Room For One More 06.  Antisocial 07.  Nobody Knows Anything 08.  Belly Of The Beast 09.  Inside Out 10.  Refuse To Be Denied 11.  604 12.  I Am The Law 13.  Only 14.  Be All End All 15.  Indians 16. Bring The Noise  Bonus Tracks: 17.  Fueled 18.  Metal Thrashing Mad + Behind the Scenes Footage The CD counterpart contains:  01.  What Doesn't Die 02.  Got The Time 03.  Caught In A Mosh 04.  Safe Home 05.  Room For One More 06.  Antisocial 07.  Nobody Knows Anything 08.  Fueled 09.  Inside Out 10.  Refused To Be Denied 11.  I Am The Lay 12.  Only