Confusion Bay


RAUNCHY - Confusion Bay

Veröffentlicht am: 09.02.2004

Do you like ass-kicking metal that combines hard guitars, killer drums, modern synthesizers and vocals in a spectrum from noisy to melodic? Then welcome to the world of RAUNCHY! With the debut album "Velvet Noise" (2002) this highly-talented band from Denmark already amazed the music world in view of the shown devastating power and skilful playing. But RAUNCHY can do even better… You don't believe that? Well, feel free to enter the "Confusion Bay". Pure boredom made RAUNCHY come to life in 1994, for its five young members didn't see any other fertile satisfaction in their draggy little hometown, Thisted, other than making music. So the guys started song-writing and rehearsing and bit-by-bit created a very own style, entitled "Futuristic Hybrid Metal". Using thrash riffs and dynamic drumming in the vein of FEAR FACTORY as well as subliminal elements of pop music became the fundamentals of the RAUNCHY sound, giving the band their own particular profile. Between 1995 and 1998 RAUNCHY recorded two demo CD's, contributed on the compilations "Extremity Rising Vol. I" and "Extremity Rising Vol. III" and eventually scored at # 2 when attending a music contest with more than 130 competitors. In 1998 the Danish radio station P3 got interested in the young band and invited them for an interview session. Their song 'Hypnotized' made it on the playlist of the radio show "Demokræmen" and remained there for a considerable number of weeks. Circumstance finally brought RAUNCHY the attention of Mighty Music's sublabel Drug(s) and a contract was signed in consequence. In August 2000 RAUNCHY started working on their debut album "Velvet Noise" at the Aabenraa Studios – under the wing of producer Jacob Hansen (ILLDISPOSED, MERCENARY) the quintet created a powerful hybrid of hard thrash metal and melodic intermezzi; commendation of press and people followed soon. The year 2002 earned RAUNCHY a worldwide contract with Nuclear Blast which enabled an international release of "Velvet Noise" and made them known also outside of their Danish home. Several gigs followed (together with e.g. WITHERING SURFACE and THE HAUNTED) and the band additionally got the chance to rock the German Summer Breeze Open Air in 2002 and the famous Wacken Open Air in 2003. Compared to "Velvet Noise”, RAUNCHY improved their musical skills further on highly. Providing excellent hooks "Confusion Bay" has the potential to become a premium smasher of the modern metal genre. Even Borivoj Krign, the discoverer of MACHINE HEAD and SEPULTURA, just attested after having heard "Confusion Bay" for the first time: "The album is a killer!" Goddam right!

1 - Join The Scene
2 - I Get What I See
3 - Summer Of Overload
4 - Watch Out
5 - Nine – Five
6 - Show Me Your Real Darkness
7 - Confusion Bay
8 - The Devil
9 - Insane
10 - Morning Rise And A Friday Night
11 - Bleeding Pt. 2