The Burning



Veröffentlicht am: 12.01.2004

Finland is not only the home of conifer and execrated lakes. Talented bands like STRATOVARIUS, CHILDREN OF BODOM and NIGHTWISH have succeeded in making the country famous all over the (metal music) world. In 2002, THUNDERSTONE, a new young band, appeared on the map and followed in the footsteps of their already well-known countrymen with the self-titled debut album, Thunderstone. The Finnish fiver knew exactly how to create dynamic power metal with the right dose of melody and charm to become one of the most promising newcomers of the year. Now The Burning is waiting to fire ten new, hot track attacks at metal listeners. Sticking to their recipe of success THUNDERSTONE mixed powerful metal riffs with catchy measures, making sure not to forget the striking vocals of Pasi Rantanen to concoct this dramatic release. THUNDERSTONE started as a one-man-project when guitar player Nino Laurenne decided to take up song writing. He soon realized that it would need a whole band to bring his musical visions to fruition. So bit-by-bit he gathered musicians around him, finally having a complete line up with Pasi Rantanen (vocals – he also sang backing vocals on the STRATOVARIUS album Infinite), Titus Hjelm (bass & backing vocals) and Mirka Rantanen (drums). Together they recorded their first demo, which caught huge interest within the Scandinavian press. Shortly after, keyboarder Kari Tornack joined the band and completed the line up of THUNDERSTONE with his voluble playing. The time was ready to record more new songs at the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, the session brought the band's first full-length album, Thunderstone, which got great feedback both in THUNDERSTONE's northern home and the rest of the globe. A deal with Nuclear Blast followed and opened new possibilities e.g. a European tour supporting STRATOVARIUS through Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria among others. Touring ultimately resulted in pleased audiences and new fans in heaps. The limited first edition of The Burning shows up in a premium digi pack and contains six bonus tracks: three cover songs of METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST and MANOWAR and three demo tracks. So don't miss the opportunity to experience a new, powerful masterpiece by THUNDERSTONE - feel The Burning!

1 - Until We Touch The Burning Sun
2 - Break The Emotions
3 - Mirror Never Lies
4 - Tin Star Man
5 - Spire
6 - Sea Of Sorrow
7 - Side By Side
8 - Drawn To The Flame
9 - Forth Into The Black
10 - Evil Within
11 - Welcome Home (Sanitaium) (Digi-Bonustrack)
12 - Diamonds And Rust (Digi-Bonustrack)
13 - Heart Of Steel (Digi-Bonustrack)
14 - Let Demons Free (Demo)(Digi-Bonustrack)
15 - Voice In A Dream (Demo)(Digi-Bonustrack)
16 - Me, My Enemy (Demo)(Digi-Bonustrack)