Emerald - A Tribute To The Wild One


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Emerald - A Tribute To The Wild One

Veröffentlicht am: 20.01.2003

Thin Lizzy was one of the most successful rock acts of the 70s and definetly had a big influence on many metal acts that followed. Their legendary twin-guitar harmonies became a trademark, which made Thin Lizzy different from other acts of their time. Bands like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden called them a huge influence and many bands hailed them doing cover-versions of their classics. So it was the right time to make a compilation with the best cover-versions ever done on Thin Lizzy songs, by such great Metal acts like Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Running Wild or Sinner. But besides those leading German Metal acts, also Anthrax, Tribe of Gypsies oder the incredible Mordred made their own version of Thin Lizzy tracks. Even the the Gothic and Death Metal scene comes along with such great names as Six Feet Under, Therion, Godgory or Gardenian. All in all this tribute album features 18 acts playing such hymns like “Out In The Fields", “Cold Sweat", “Jailbreak", “Johnny The Fox" or “Boys Are Back In Town". A brilliant mixture of different styles on a very high level. Hail to the vagabonds of the western world!

1 - SKYCLAD - Emerald
2 - JOHN NORUM - Wild One
3 - PRIMAL FEAR - Out in the Fields
4 - ANTHRAX - Cowboy Song
5 - SIX FEET UNDER - Jailbreak
6 - SINNER - The Sun Goes Down
7 - RUNNING WILD - Genocide
8 - PRETTY MAIDS - Please Don’t Leave Me
9 - PEGAZUS - Warriors
10 - GODGORY - This Is The One
11 - MORDRED - Johnny The Fox
12 - GARDENIAN - Gotta Give It Up
13 - STEEL PROPHET - Massacre
14 - THERION - Southbound
15 - CHINCHILLA - The Boys Are Back In Town