Intention Surpassed


DEFECATION - Intention Surpassed

Veröffentlicht am: 13.01.2003

Defecation belonged to one of the most extreme bands when they recorded their legendary Purity Dilution-album in 1989. Founded by Mitch and Mick Harris, the band soon was put on ice while Mick was busy with Napalm Death and Mitch took care of both Righteous Pigs and Napalm Death. But now, a decade later, Mitch Harris resurrected Defecation, and it seems as if time stood still! Intense Grindcore, no compromises, a merciless collection of insane and brutal songs! A first sample of the upcoming album will soon be available!

1 - Continuum
2 - Worldy Why's
3 - Fibre Optical Illusion
4 - Fever Pitch
5 - 2/3 Pure
6 - Under Surveillance
7 - Cryonically Preserved
8 - Overself
9 - Protective Rage
10 - Granted Wish
11 - Shortfall
12 - Incline
13 - Time Folding Machine
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