Conquer The World


MORTIFICATION - Conquer The World

Veröffentlicht am: 02.04.2001

After ten years of recording and constantly touring Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA, in June, July and August of 2001, Mortification finally embarked on what all bands dream about: their first world tour. Taking in Australia, South Africa, Europe, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brasil was truly adventure to be documented and set in stone. This package contains three full-length videos plus all the excitement and craziness of life on the road touring the planet. No Australian metal band has ever completed such an amazing trek. Mortification planted the flag all over the globe. Non-stop energy, unexpected events, crazy fans and sheer power and determination are what you will witness! Brace yourself and try keep up the pace. Mortification existed for twelve years now, and they have always been a unique band, adding their own views and influences to their unique brand of death metal. The band has written extensively about their strong Christian beliefs, but nevertheless, Mortification have established their own fan-base all around the world. When Scrolls of the Megilloth was released in 1993, the death metal scene was growing fast, and Mortification became one of the most influential and important acts of the time. Built around vocalist and bass player Steve Rowe, the band established a distinct style that earned them a dedicated cult following. Last year, The Silver Cord Is Served was released. A bonus live album was available with the first pressing. Now Conquer the World documents their world tour for The Silver Cord Is Served, along with videos for the tracks “Metal Blessing,” “Access Denied“ and “Standing at the Doors of Death.” After his victory over life-threatening cancer, Rowe knows what he’s talking about, and songs like “Standing at the Doors of Death” take on an entirely different meaning. There will also be other extras besides the clips, including a photo gallery and lots of impressions and live material from their world tour.

1 - Intro
2 - "Metal Blessing"
3 - South Africa
4 - Europe
5 - USA
6 - South/Latin America
7 - "Access Denied"
8 - More South America
9 - "Standing At the Door of Death"
10 - Funny Stories & Bloopers
11 - Outro/Credits
12 - Metal Blessing (Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002) - Bonus
13 - Brutal Warfare (Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002) - Bonus
14 - Grind Planetarium (Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002) - Bonus
15 - 3 Of a Kind (Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002) - Bonus track