THUNDERSTONE - Thunderstone

Veröffentlicht am: 24.06.2002

We don't need to speak much about Finland and the extremely unique talent of the musicians over there. There have always been great bands like Children of Bodom, Stratovarius, Amorphis or Nightwish, but many newcomer acts in the last few years have made the metal scene take a look at the Land of the Thousand Lakes. Thunderstone is a new name, although most of their members have played in other bands before. Guitar player Nino Laurenne wrote some tracks by himself but soon he felt like putting together a whole band in order to realize his musical views on a larger scale. Pasi Rantanen, who sang some backing vocals on Thunderstone’s first demo, became the main vocalist and adds power to the songs due to his very dynamic and rock-orientated voice. Pasi also sang backing vocals on the last Stratovarius album Infinite, who are close friends to the band. In the fall of 2000, Thunderstone hit the studio to record three new tracks with their new line up. The results were three power metal gems, which drove metalheads crazy and soon created a huge interest with the Scandinavian media. With the addition of keyboard player Kari Tornack, Thunderstone began to write new tracks for another demo before finally entering Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki to record their first album, recorded by Nino himself. Mikko Karmila mixed the album at the famous Finnvox studios, which guarantees intense power! The result is ten tracks that are destined to become hymns that cause addiction; it's an album to free your mind and get inspiration from, a great mixture of powerful melodies and hard-rocking vocals, definitely one of the most promising newcomers in this genre. On "Like Father, Like Son" even Timo Tolkki played some guitar lines, and added his spirit to this track. Nuclear Blast signed the band from Finland, which is getting a great response from Japan at the moment. The time is ready for Thunderstone, get into it and feel their power!

1 - Let The Demons Free
2 - Virus
3 - World's Cry
4 - Me, My Enemy
5 - Will To Power
6 - Weak
7 - Eyes Of A Stranger
8 - Like Father, Like Son
9 - Voice In A Dream
10 - Spread My Wings
11 - Wasted Years (only on lim. Ed.)