Desert Land


NARNIA - Desert Land

Veröffentlicht am: 12.02.2001

NEW WAVE OF SWEDISH MELODIC METAL Meanwhile, every fan of melodic metal should be aware by now of the fact that the time is right for this style of our beloved music. One of the first bands that dared to re-surrect this metal-genre, which was more or less out-dated in the nineties, are the swedes NARNIA. NARNIA were founded in '96 by vocalist Christian Liljegren and guitarist CarlJohann Grimmark. Both met first in '93 and realized at once that they were sharing the same musical taste. Christian and CarlJohann are heavily inspired by the heroes of the golden eighties. The vocalists that Christian refers to as idols have names such as Joey Tempest, Ronnie James Dio, David Byron or Brian Connoly. It's not very surprising as he grew up with bands from that period. But it's even more astonishing when you have a look at the guitarists that inspired CarlJohann, namely artists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore or John Norum, as he's only 22 years old. In May '97, the line-up was completed by drummer Andreas Johannson, Keyboarder Martin Claesson and bassist Jakob Person. After the release of the debut album "The Awakening" in '98, the band was able to get the support slot for the comeback tour of metal legend Ronnie James Dio. Due to the incredible talent of these guys, the audience was stunned and even the japanese press featured CarlJohann with a six pages special in the country's most important guitar magazine as the new guitar hero. In 1999, the second Album „Long Live The King“ was released and received excellent reviews by the international press. Sadly, due to personal problems of some bandmembers, no tour was organized this time, which will be done for the new album for sure. The new album is called „Desert Land“ and was produced by guitarist CarlJohann Grimmark himself. Compared to the two predecessors, which reminded of bands like Europe or Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, the band this time went into a more heavier direction. You may even recognise a glimpse of Black Sabbath during times of the Dio-era. Songs like Inner Sanctum“, „The Witch And The Lion“ or „Revolution Of Mother Earth“ are so far the most heavy material the band ever composed. „Desert Land“ is really a masterpiece, and should help NARNIA to reach the top of this scene.

1 - Inner Sanctum
2 - Witch and lion
3 - Falling from the throne
4 - Revolution of mother earth
5 - Light at the end of the tunnel
6 - Angels are crying
7 - Walking the wire
8 - Misty morning
9 - Trapped in this age