Death Is Just The Beginning 6 (DVD)


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Death Is Just The Beginning 6 (DVD)

Veröffentlicht am: 15.01.2001

For the tracklist of the CD, have a look to the left... here you'll get some info on the video and DVD:This is definitely the highlight of this legendary compilation series. There is no DVD Metal compilation world-wide which has got a higher quality like this. I’m not only talking about the quality of the songs and videos, also the names of the band is unbelievable. Each single band is from the top of their particular scene and the records were topsellers in their genre. Bands like Crematory, Stratovarius, HammerFall, Primal Fear, Theatre Of Tragedy, Children Of Bodom, S.O.D., In Flames, Pro- Pain or Danzig speak for themselves. Together with the some of the hottest newcomer like Sinergy, The Black League or TO/DIE/FOR, Germany’s biggest rockband ever, Die Toten Hosen, completes this compilation which is definitely the Video/DVD highlight in 2001. Bonus-Tracks lt. MS (NB Classics)17. KATAKLYSM - The awakener18. DISMEMBER - Casked garden19. BENEDICTION - The grotesque20. HYPOCRISY -Left to rot

1 - Crematory - The Fallen
2 - Stratovarius - Hunting high & low
3 - HammerFall - Renegade
4 - Primal Fear - Angel in Black
5 - Theatre of Tragedy – Image
6 - In Flames - Pinball Map
7 - Children of Bodom - Everytime I die
8 - To/Die/For - In the heat of the night
9 - Pro Pain – Substance
10 - Sinergy - Midnight Madness
11 - SOD – Seasoning the obese
12 - Danzig - Five finger crawl
13 - The Black League - Winter winds sing
14 - In Flames - Ordinary Story
15 - To/Die/For – Farewell
16 - Die Toten Hosen - Pushed Again