Veröffentlicht am: 14.08.2000

After 2 years of hard work, ORPHANAGE is finally proud to present their third album "Inside", this long awaited masterpiece will be released in August 2000. Where their debut "Oblivion" is characterized by gothic and celtic athmospheres and the second album "By Time Alone" by more aggressivenes and groove, "Inside" has brought the ORPHANAGE-style to full maturity. The music goes far more extreme by exploiting the differences between the ultra-heavy-grooves of the guitar-drum-bass machine and the new dual-lead singer role. The aggressive grunts of George Oosthoek and the enchanting melodic vocals of Rosan van der Aa are complemented by mysterious keyboard-athmospheres, orchestral textures and beautiful choirs. Each song presents a fascinating composition; listening the album "Inside" will take you on a journey you won't forget ... Enter the ORPHANAGE-world ! Before "Inside", ORPHANAGE started out as a project in 1994, after which they released 2 demo tapes, 2 studio albums and a live CD. Extensive club-tours were held throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; some of the raving festival shows were at "Dynamo Open Air" (twice !), "Graspop", the "Summer Metal Meeting" and "A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise". Audiences throughout Northern Europe react with great enthousiasm when they hear ORPHANAGE play on stage, among colleagues like Kreator, the Gathering, Grip inc., Sodom and Samael.Guest appearances on stage have included members of Within Temptation, Exodus, Celestial Season, Gorefest, a 5-piece horn-section, a string quartet and a 14-piece Gregorian Choir ! All ORPHANAGE members have their own specialty, the combination of all these elements is what makes ORPHANAGE so intriguing ... George Oosthoek - lead grunt singer - combines an aggressive, full-blown grunt with perfect timing, because of his drumming background. The strong frontman-ship of George gives ORPHANAGE a very powerfull and exciting stage appearance Rosan van der Aa - lead female singer - her extensive churchchoir experience lifted the harmony singing of ORPHANAGE to a high level. In the new songmaterial the moods are darker and more mature, mostly because the limitations of Rosan's voice are few and her timbre fits perfectly into the ORPHANAGE atmospheres Lex Vogelaar - guitarist - with quite a few years of Metal experience as a guitar player in the Belgium band "Target" and as a producer of bands like Celestial Season, Silicon Head and Within Temptation, Lex gives ORPHANAGE a great foundation with a guitar sound of unheard brutality. Famous for his precise timing his riffs will give you the ultimate poke in the ear ! Guus Eikens - keyboard player - trained at the Utrecht Academy of Music, Guus's composing and arranging abilities give the songs a variation, that makes ORPHANAGE stand out in the Heavy Music scene Eric Hoogendoorn - bassist - introduced the Celtic elements in ORPHANAGE's concept through his love for bands like The Swans and Dead Can Dance. His most prominent feature proved to be his distorted bass sound, which ruled out any needs for a possible second guitarist Erwin Polderman - drummer - became part of the band, because of his intense groove and his way of loosening up ORPHANAGE's polyrhythms. On stage Erwin is the motor of ORPHANAGE, making the audience dance, slam and going nuts ! With help of their record company Nuclear Blast the new album "Inside" will not only take over the North of Europe, but impress every metalhead on the Globe !! Beware of a spectacle, because ORPHANAGE is coming your way !

1 - Grip
2 - Twisted games
3 - Inside
4 - The stain
5 - Pain
6 - Deal with the real
7 - Behold
8 - Weakness of flesh
9 - Kick
10 - Drag you down
11 - From the cradle to the grave