Veröffentlicht am: 24.07.2000

Let me warn you now: This is not a new Pyogenesis album - if you think it was, take it back and trade it for the new Limp Bizkit, but don´t forget taping it. These are just our favourite songs rerecorded and rearranged. We didn´t want to release just a simple remix album which wouldn´t really be interesting to our fans. The challenge was to create an entire new feeling around the songs we already played 500 times and couldn´t emagine them sounding different. So we began to write the songs a second time, but in a different style. Fast tracks like “Will It Ever Be” are not heavy anymore they are kind of easy and slow. On the other hand we gave for example Twinalebloods “Empty Space” the glamour of the true spirit of Punk Rock which will break your neck. For the recordings of “Silver Experience” I even went to our primary school to ask the music teacher if we could borrow their school´s orchestra (8-12 years old kids), which was pure fun to work with. None of the vocals, guitars, etc. on this CD is from an old session we recorded all the songs new, except for the last three. They are rare or unreleased, one is even unnecessary. But make up your own mind. Take a close look to the liner notes, telling stories to each of the songs. Even while you´re holding this Digi in your hands we´re working on new material for our forthcoming full length studio album, which is gonna sound like Pyogenesis again. For any news or information feel free to visit us on our homepage mentioned underneath or send a mail to info@pyogenesis.com

1 - Empty Space
2 - Every Single Day
3 - These Roads
4 - I Remember
5 - Blue Smiley´s Plan
6 - Rhapsodie In E
7 - Just Ironic
8 - Will It Ever Be
9 - Silver Experience
10 - Twinaleblood And Steel
11 - Fade Away
12 - Would You Take (DAB)
13 - Would You Take (March 1999)
14 - Son Of Fate
15 - Love Nation Sugahead