Veröffentlicht am: 24.01.2000

Some things simply never happen as they should which is precisely the case with the career of STEEL PROPHET. Originally launched as Hard Prophet the bands name was changed to Steel Prophet, a name that soon got local acceptance due to numerous gigs. Yet it’s difficult to understand why STEEL PROPHET stood empty handed by the end of the 1980's when all the labels such as Shrapnel, Combat, Metal Blade, Roadrunner, Noise or Megaforce had filled up their stables with upcoming US bands. Even the phenomenal "Inner Ascendance" demo , probably the best US-Metal cassette to date, couldn't bring the band further. The labels seemed to be ignorant and failed to realize STEEL PROPHET’s unbelievable potential. The band took the issue into their own hands and released theirdebut, "The Goddess Principle", a metal hammer in itself, on their own. A feat some bands are never able to achieve. The STEEL PROPHET moniker slowly began to circulate. "Continuum" and "Into the Void" followed with the European fan-base growing at extreme proportions despite the fact that the band’s then active label did little promotion due to a lag in funds. It wasn’t until 1998 that Nuclear Blast, one of the most prestigious in metal labels, signed the band and launched the already-legendary "Dark Hallucinations". This was enthusiastically celebrated by both fans and press and has already become a classic. Finally STEEL PROPHET Europe in support of Gamma Ray. Fans were more than awed by their stage presence, complex sound and flooring precision. After making appearance at such world-known events as Wacken and Bang Your Head, the growing popularity of STEEL PROPHET has yet to level-off. STEEL PROPHET’s inclusion on various tribute albums for the likes of Metallia, Iron Maiden, Accept, Helloween, Dio or Judas Priest has earned them even more notoriety throughout the scene. After the founding of the group , STEEL PROPHET had finally broken as a household name thus confirming that it pays to be consistent. The creative force behind STEEL PROPHET has always been guitar player Steve Kachinsky Blackmoor. Always believing in his music and the fact that many of his songs will surely be classics in the metal scene in years to come, Kachinsky’s dedication to the band is clearly a factor in the band’s success. It's his style of guitar playing combined with the sound of Mythiasins voice that form the typical sound of STEEL PROPHET. Remaining members, Vince Dennis on bass, second guitarist John Pons and the new drummer Kevin Cafferty stand for the bands solid background. Just one year after 'Dark Hallucinations' STEEL PROPHET now bring to the masses, 'Messiah'. They present a variable mixture of sophisticated, more mass-orientated songs. The disc has beenmastered again by Warrior Mastermind Joe Floyd together with Kachinsky in Floyds Burbank California Silver Cloud Studios. Songs as 'The Straight Speeder' Rapture" or "07/03/47" which reminds of Black Sabbath are outstanding. It's followed by the very progressive "Mysteries of Iniquity" that leads to the bombastic song "Goddess Arise". (3 singers whose parts have been overdubbed 6 times !) "Dawn of Man" gets his kick by various 5 harmony guitar licks and finally the power metal damp hammer "Ghosts Once Past" are clearly showing that this band is a class of its own hard to beat by any other group at the moment. Not only the sound is one of the best available, also the demanding lyrics are top class and show the west coast bands full potential. 'Messiah' will fully establish STEEL PROPHET so that they will hopefully be able to help new groups which could act as openers for them because with such a repertoire of great song material it will be only a matter of time until STEEL PROPHET will tour as headliners themselves. The millennium is sure to bring great things to the band.

1 - The ides of march
2 - Messiah
3 - Venegance attained
4 - Mysteries of iniquity
5 - Dawn of man
6 - Earth and sky
7 - Goddess arise
8 - Unseen
9 - 07/03/47
10 - Rapture
11 - Ghosts once past