Hammer of God



Veröffentlicht am: 02.08.1999

MORTIFICATION are an aggressive 3 piece Heavy Metal band from Melbourne/Australia. This year MORTIFICATION are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and quarter of a million album sales with 8 studio albums and 3 live projects under their belt. Their ninth studio album „Hammer Of God“ is set to be their hottest release so far and a new progression in their successful career. Havin a wide appeal from teens to thirties MORTIFICATIONs timeless sound has been proven as many bands fall by the wayside they fight on year after year. Survival has not been easy for MORTIFICATION with lead vocalist/bassist Steve Rowe being striken with extreme Luekaemia in 1996. Following a bone marrow transplant in January ’97 Steve was very close to death on five occasions at one point being given 2 hours to live. The band did zero for twelve month but have bounced back with last years „Triumph Of Mercy“ and this years „Hammer Of God“. Miraculously MORTIFICATION toured the U.S. in August/September last year following a 3 month stint in hospital for Steve following a near death time going into a coma of Morphine and Pethadeine which base is Heroin. There could not have been a more brutal withdrawal possible. Steve survived again but was paralised and in a wheelchair for the second time. With much determination Steve was back walking on a cane by July ready for the 25 dates in 31 days in the U.S. This year sees the band of touring Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland followed by a promo tour of the U.S. by Steve. MORTIFICATION have toured the U.S. 5 times and this will be their third trip to Europe. MORTIFICATION stand apart from the typical Metal approach of negativity, evil and bad imagery with uinque music containing positive Christian messages for a generation of listeners ready to hear and do something good and positive with their lives. Steve has shown that living under God’s protective banner is the only way to survive and press on in a world full of pain and difficulties. Goodness triumph’s again and the youth are listening up!

1 - Metal crusade
2 - Martyrs
3 - Lock up the night
4 - In the woods
5 - A pearl
6 - Hammer of God
7 - Liberal mediocrity
8 - Extreme conditions
9 - Ride the light
10 - D.W.A.M
11 - Medley
12 - God rulz
13 - At war with war -97 (Demo)
14 - Visited by an angel - 97 (Demo)
15 - Unified truth - 977 (Demo)
16 - Metal crusade (Intrumental version)