Incipit Satan


GORGOROTH - Incipit Satan

Veröffentlicht am: 07.02.2000

Formed in '92, Norwegian based GORGOROTH proved themselves to be one of the most uncompromising bands aboard the contemporary Black Metal scene. After the release of the now legendary demo, A Sorcery Written In Blood, GORGOROTH was offered a contract on a small French label, where the debut album Pentagram ('94) was released. The album bore holes in the hearts of the holy, thus marking GORGOROTH place as the top contenders on the extreme metal circuit prowl. Changing slightly from the original line-up (which featured Infernus on guitars, Hat on vocals, and Goat on drums) and Samoth from Emperor as their session bassplayer), Infernus and Hat headed back to Grieghallen Studios to record their 2nd full-length, Antichrist('95) with Satyricon’s Frost on drums. Released through Germany’s Malicious Records, the LP made a strong impact and consequently led to the bands first live performances in Norway and England (with Cradle of Filth) and finally to their first tour in '96 with Dissection and Satyricon. Still tangled between a revolving door of musicians, Infernus joined forces with yet another drummer answering to the name of Grim. Their third LP Under the Sign of Hell features Pest on vocals and Ares on bass. By '97 Infernus, Grim and Pest were joined by drummer Vrolok and second guitarist Tormentor. Together they embarked on their first headlining European tour. The tour that was so absorbing, successful and out right evil, Nuclear Blast felt a desire to court the band. By '98 the band had been added to Nuclear Blast’s official band roster. GORGOROTH’s 4th full-length entitled Destroyer crept upon unsuspecting ears and demolished. The band now featured Gaahl on vocals and Ton bass solved any further line-up dilemmas. Following a promotional tour with Cradle of Filth, live slots on the many prestigious metal festivals in Europe as well as single headlining gigs, Destroyer proved to all listeners that GORGOROTH is brutal, engaging and plainly everlasting. This spring, Nuclear Blast is please to bear for an offering of foreboding wizardry. Dubbed Incipit Satan, the album was recorded at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden by Infernus, Tormentor, Gaahl, drummer Sgt.Erichsen and bassist King Of Hell As session members and guest appearances include Enslaved’s Ivar Peersen and Ragga Rockers’ Michael Krohn who sealed the authenticity of the entire production. The LP is symbolic of a new era in the realm of GORGOROTH. The songs, while a bit more refined and far more mature, still maintain their custom unyielding bestiality. Transcendingthe boundaries set by a genre with tendencies to produce like sounding albums, Incipit Satan truly gleams strong and proud among all contenders.

1 - Incipit Satan
2 - A world to win
3 - Litani til Satan
4 - Unchain my heart!!!
5 - An excert of X
6 - Ein eim av blod og helvetesild
7 - Will to power
8 - When love rages wildin my heart