Crowning Of Atlantis


THERION - Crowning Of Atlantis

Veröffentlicht am: 07.06.1999

THERION have asserted themselves within the metal scene for 10 years now. The Swedes manage to create something new with each album and are always full of surprises. In the beginning a pure death metal band, THERION have developed over the years to become something very special and were able to enthrall more and more fans with their mixture of metal combined with classical vocals.After the dizzying success of the last album, Vovin, and the tour following that with Moonspell brought the band another big step forward, THERION are back with "Crowning Of Atlantis" which should, by no means, merely be seen as bridging the gap until the next album.Alongside three live tracks, which should finally convince the last doubters of this bands qualities the new songs from the quill of mastermind, Christofer Johnsson, act as an indication to the listener of which direction THERION's path will take. The coverversions of the Manowar classic, "Thor"(The Powerhead), 'Crazy Nights' of Loudness and the age-old Accept ballad "Seawinds" are also able to please.77But until then, it's recommended that you check out THERION at diverse summer festivals. That's where the Swedes will take it to the limit - they'll be bringing a complete orchestra with them and simply blow everyone else into oblivion.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Crowning of Atlantis 4:58
2 - Mark of Cain 5:01
3 - Cavicula Nox 8:51
4 - Crazy nights 3:42
5 - From the dionysian days 3:16
6 - Thor 4:47
7 - Seawinds 4:23
8 - To Mega Therion - live 6:38
9 - The wings of the Hydro - live 3:21
10 - Black sun - live 5:45
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